The Darkness has Writers, an Actor and Producer!!!

The Darkness has Writers, an Actor and Producer!!!

<em>The Darkness</em> has Writers, an Actor and Producer!!!

Spin-off character Magdalena may come out before The Darkness sees the light of day, but it looks like things are moving in the right direction...

This according to comicvine...

"The Darkness is one of those projects that just seems to go on forever and ever, but we have a great new producing partner called Scott Stuber," Top Cow President and COO Matt Hawkins told "He has an office over on the Universal lot, and he's been on a number of great films."

"With Stuber and Platinum we developed sort of a take with some writers," Hawkins explained. "It's not set up yet officially at a studio. Even though he's on the Universal lot, he doesn't have an automatic deal there, so we'll have to take and pitch the thing at some point."

Hawkins hopes to see a studio pick up their pitch within the next "two or three months," though he stopped short of revealing who the actor is that they've recruited to be attached to the project.

"We have an actor attached that hasn't been formally announced," he said.

The Darkness Pictures, Images and Photos

the darkness Pictures, Images and Photos

I for one am more than ready to see some horror comic icons hit the big screen and set straight the idea that all comic heroes follow a set code of ethics. It's time to see the gritty and crude world that the vigilante and darker characters dwell in and what better way to bring that out than with the story of Jackie Estacado!!!

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