The Oscar's...Superhero style

The Oscar's...Superhero style

Since it is good ol' fashion tradition for the Oscar's to bypass all of our favorite flicks, I thought it was time to roll out the red carpet for the film's that get us through a normal year and to celebrate those who brought us the best and the worst of it all...

Tonight is Oscar night and Hollywood is abuzz. The little gold men are popping up all around as the anticipation builds to find out if AVATAR will bring home Best Picture. And while some of us DO care, the bigger picture is still lost on our classicly trained partners in crime... The fate of all their paychecks rest's within the superhero world.

Most of the biggest blockbusters over the last generation have been about fantasy, sci-fi, and the all around kick ass action of the superhero genre. Even the great James Cameron dips his hat into the rhelm with the likes of his Terminator world. But Hollywood and the Academy still fail to recognize that all that production money they get stems largly from those tight wearing, power weilding, marketing god superheroes that everyone and their mother love. Case and point being the Billion $$$ Dark Knight being sold short for Best Picture but settling JUST for Best Supporting Actor (May he rest in peace).

So, as the academy fails to step up on the genre that keeps them going, I will.
Below I have the list's of nominee's and winner's of my very own...

Academy Award's for the Mutated and Caped!
(4 Nom's for every category and films are only qualified if CBM follows them.)

Best Supporting Actor.
Nominee's: Zachary Quinto as Spock in STAR TREK, Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright in TERMINATOR SALVATION, Jeffery Dean Morgan as Edward Blake/The Comedian in WATCHMEN, and Shia Le'Beouf in TRANSFORMER'S: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.

His role as The Comedian was another level for him in hisacting career. His character is what the entire film depended on. His story. He played the role perfectly and to a T and honored the classic comic in doing so. His range was on display for all to see as his face told all throughout the entire film. Anyone can recite lines, but it takes a comedian to make you get the joke.

Best Supporting Actress.
Nominee's: Zoe Saldana as Uhura in STAR TREK, Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre in WATCHMEN, Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, and Malin Akerman as Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II in WATCHMEN.

Not ever have so many men come from a movie theatre so in love with a girl who could so handily kick their ass's. She is the front runner by a mile in this category as she was the only one who really had to act into a new role. Everyone else had a one sided role. She brought originality to a character she stayed true to in a film under a heavy heavy watch from every one of the millions of Trekky fans out there and left them begging for more. Winner in my book.

Best Actor.
Nominee's: Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in STAR TREK, Christin Bale as John Conner in TERMINATOR SALVATION, Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach in WATCHMEN, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (He DID deliver those lines well...)

Again, the only guy who had to try something new. Not only was he the most in enticing character in the whole of a GRAND movie, but he had to do it all in a mask and out of it! How does one get a memerable line across with a face. Think of every line you can remember from the movies...they all have imagry associated. He gives us that with body language. The hardest of the acting skills. His performance drove all of us to love that movie. The quedessential peice to the most anticipated comic movie of the year and he didn't fail to deliver. (My apologies to Chris Pine. While funny and true to Kirk form, the cocky and sarcastic kid role has been done. Still, a commendable job.)

Best Director.
Nominee's: JJ Abrams for STAR TREK and Zach Snyder for WATCHMEN. (Let's face it, they're the only two deserving of the award.)

Many comic book fans will tell you that WATCHMEN is their favorite graphic novel of all time. Many critics will agree and will continue to do so throughout history. The story never fails to be relevant and invigorating and emotionaly jarring...and Zach Snyder had to translate it onto film. Rarely can it be said that a film stayed true to its literary predicesor but WATCHMEN is that acception. It stayed true to the story, the imagry, and the epicness. Even the color palet stayed the same for the most part. He took THE hardest task in comic history and ran with it, accomplishing, in my opinion, the GRANDEST most underrated comic book film in our short history. The story takes us on a journey on its own. But without Snyder at the helm, we would have never gotten the chance to begin with...

Nominee's: Watchmen, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Transformer's Revenge of the Fallen.

Winner: STAR TREK.
I can't possibly argue with success. And the Trek world achieved so much of it that it deserves this award completely. Rarely do we see a film bring so many generations together and NEVER do we see it in a Sci-fi. STAR TREK combined the epic past with a promising future in the greatest reboot to date. Everyone, young and old, long time fans and new comers to the series, left the theater both pleased and on the same page after the latest installment to this legendary series. It was so good, even Leonard Nemoy wanted to hang his hat on this one...
In every aspect of film making, from the lighting to the acting, this film delivers. A rapid paced, funny, action packed thriller that delivers on story and development is a tribute to a ard working CREW. And it was the best crew that brought you this year's BEST PICTURE.



Let's leave it at this... I'm so glad it leaked so that so many of us didn't have to waste our money on it.
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