The Revival of Crossgen...

Should Marvel Bring Back Other Defunct Lines?

I always dug a lot of the comics that Crossgen put out during its brief run. While I was never a into big picture with the Sigils running through every title, I enjoyed Ruse and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang quite a bit.

Now that Marvel is taking steps to revive this old line, it gotg me thinking, are any other titles from other lines that have gone by the wayside that should be included in the Crossgen U?

Here is a list of some of the lines that are inactive at the moment:

Per Wikipedia:

Amalgam Comics
Curtis Magazines
Epic Comics
Marvel 2099
Marvel Absurd
Marvel Age
Malibu Comics
Marvel Edge
Marvel Mangaverse
Marvel Music
Marvel Next
Marvel UK
New Universe
Paramount Comics (co-owned with Viacom's Paramount Pictures)
Star Comics

I will admit that I haven't heard of a couple of these, but I always found it odd that Marvel never did anything with M.I.B. since that was of Malibu.

What would you like to see revived?
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