The Top 5 Hulk fights

The Top 5 Hulk fights

Hulk Smash...

While I'm sure that there are tons of other Hulk vs. fights in animation, these were the best of what I could find on Youtube, same with Superman. The Hulk is the, self proclaimed, strongest there least in the Marvel universe. Here are some of the Hulk's best fights that support that argument. This article will include both live-action and animation fights. I couldn't show Supes throwing down in LA because we're still waiting for Snyder to deliver.

(Hulk vs. Thor)

This fights pits the Hulk versus every being in Asgard short of Odin. The Hulk, having had Dr. Banner's consciousness removed from him, is controlled by Loki and set loosed in the realm eternal. Thor, the champion of Asgard is forced to do battle with his friend and ally. Thor vs. Hulk, who wins?

(Hulk vs. Avengers...Ultimates)

Ultimate or not, Hulk is the strongest in both universes. I have nothing else to say, watch the fights...

(Hulk vs. Gamma Dogs)

Finally, some live action! Ang Lee's Hulk was boring, even more boring than Superman Returns, but the bright spot was Hulk and the Gamma Dogs going at it. This is probably the best fight in a CBM, well, maybe Hulk and Abomination might top it, but this is up there.

(Hulk vs. the Army)

The incredible Hulk was a redemption movie for The Hulk after Ang Lee tried to make the legendary king of rage into a soft emotional puppy. TIH is filled with some of the best action sequences in CBM history, this does not fail to deliver. I apologize for the soundtrack, ladies and gents...

(Hulk vs. Abomination)

Like there was going to be any other? This is the fight to end all fights in CBM, from beginning to end, the fight was intense. Hulk vs. Hulk, beast vs. beast. This is too much epicness in one movie. After Iron-Man, this is my favorite Marvel movie of all time.

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