The Trailer for Lucky Luke!

The Trailer for Lucky Luke!

A live action trailer based on the comic book "Lucky Luke" is here

Created by Belgium cartoonist; Maurice De Bevere, Lucky Luke has been released in both Belgium and France as of October 20, 2009, but no word of the live action film reaching American soil as yet. The film stars Jean Dujardin as Lucky Luke.

For those not familiar with the comic book:

"Luke, a wandering cowboy capable of drawing a gun faster than his shadow, fights crime and injustice, most often in the form of the bumbling Dalton brothers, Joe, William, Jack and Averell. He rides Jolly Jumper, "the smartest horse in the world" and is often accompanied by Rantanplan, "the stupidest dog in the universe", a spoof of Rin Tin Tin, usually guarding the Dalton brothers at their jail yet never preventing them from escaping. He refuses to smell Dalton's cloths and acts as a reverse indicator to Dalton's whereabouts."

The trailer below is NOT in english.

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