The Unofficial Rules of CBM’s Comment Section

The Unofficial Rules of CBM’s Comment Section

Just what I’ve noticed on how it should work according to users.

1 - There will be NO attempt to recognize the humor in anything funny. All comments are hate filled vitriol, even the jokes.

2 - There will be nothing said in a negative manner about anything. You will only share your thoughts when they shower the subject with praise.
2a) You are allowed to talk negatively regarding something when praising something else (e.g. I like A over B)
2b) The only way one may engage in 2a is if - A = Nolan and B = anything Marvel related
2c) If you decide to engage in 2 and 2a (having met the aforementioned 2b qualifier) then it is imperative you negate your earlier statements by either:
1 - Stating we shouldn’t compare the two as they are different.
2 - Agreeing with someone who makes the statement.
2d) If involved in 2b it is 100% mandatory to belittle the inferior subject matter by liking your opinion to intelligence or high art and the other opinion to low brow or children’s programming.

3 - You WILL hate and say vile things toward Grif for your first three (3) to five (5) months commenting. After that time you will “understand” and “like” Grif.

4 - Your views on the following are the only “right” and “tolerable” ones which we should discuss:
1) Religion
2) Politics
3) Everything
4a) If engaged in 4, all other opinions are free to bash as ignorant.

5 - Your opinion is the only thing which matters. All other are devoid of any thought or reason.
5a) Even though your opinion is clearly right, we will not tolerate any criticism, debate or differing opinion because it may influence our weak and fragile opinions.

6 - We will be leaving Nolan, Batman and all things DC alone. Everything else is fair game.

7 - Intruder is a jerk and we should all say disgusting vile things to him.
7a) There is no grace period with Intruder like there is with Grif. We will always hate him.

8 - Boobs are to be both loved and hated.

9 - You will take every comment as a personal insult and hostile act of aggression. These are Comic Book Movies we are discussing. The single most IMPORTANT subject matter facing the world today.

10 - When all else fails, use:
1) LOL

11 - You did write that article first. You ought to complain. You are right always.

Feel free to add rules. I know I've forgotten some.
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