Top 10 Best Fight Scenes.

Top 10 Best Fight Scenes.

And who said violence was a bad thing?


To start us off 300 has one of the all time best slow mo action sequences in film. Granted its short but its damn good! Check it out.


In this fantastic opening to a great movie we see an ageing Comedian face off against an unknown attacker(wont spoil it if you haven't seen it). This fight is brutal and straight up raw.


Yes I chose a scene from a Revenge of the Fallen, but is a damn good one. What Bay and co. couldnt do with story they made up for with robot death matches.Which are pretty sick if I might ad!


One of my all time favorite movies The Matrix. From the incredible story to the beautifully choreographed action sequences you really cant go wrong with this movie.


I picked this because well its the first time we see the red and gold armor in action and its pretty sweet! The F22-Raptors sequence is also one of my favorites from this movie!


This for me is the best part of the whole film because its the final battle between the three main bots. One shall stand two shall fall.


I actually think it would be a sin to not have this on the list. Classic scene!


Possibly one of the craziest action scenes ever made, but it truly is phenomenal!


Yes its not a cbm but these are some of the best action scenes I have ever seen so I had to put it in.


I know almost everyone hates this movie but since i was like eight this has been my favorite fight scene from any movie. This is just my opinion so dont be dicks cause you dont like it. I also apologize about the quality only good one I could find.

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