TOP 10: Characters I Want To See In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

TOP 10: Characters I Want To See In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hey everyone, it's me, The Incredible Hulksta. I am here to give you my top 10 picks for characters I want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This list includes some of the characters, well and one team, that I think could make the MCU immensely more interesting and diversified.

Captain Marvel

While some of you may be thinking of the original Captain Marvel, arguably in the last few years Ms. Marvel has become the more prominent holder of this title. Marvel has done a good job of showing strong female leads in it's movie, and Joss Whedon has certainly been championing for that.

I think Captain Marvel works in the sense that she connects Marvel Cosmic with the Earthbound Marvel. As Marvel gets increasingly more invested in it's universe, it makes sense to have her be there to bridge the two.

Desired Actor: Amber Heard

Adam Warlock

Warlock always has interested me as a character, his creation and subsequent stories really are some fantastical, trippy, and cosmic stuff. He's a character that truly sees it all. He also interestingly ties together to Thanos; much like many of the members of Guardians of the Galaxy. A team that Warlock is a member of.

Warlock, while an artificial human, could be great. As an AI, he has a unique take on humanity that could bring a cool dynamic to The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Desired Actor: Hugh Dancy


With the Nova Corps confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy, it all but confirms that Nova is on the way. While Nova reminds many of us of Green Lantern, for me he is more akin to Spider-Man. A snarky teen handed responsibility and thrust into a larger world then his own.

Since Spider-Man is off limits for Marvel Studios, it only makes sense to find a hero who can fit that space; and having Nova is a great place to start.

There's rumors that Ty Simpkins (Kid from Iron Man 3) is actually Nova. Considering he's signed for three movies, this could be true. Either way, I think Nova would be a great inclusion into the MCU.

Desired Actor: Ty Simpkins

Secret Avengers

I'm cheating with this entry, as this is more of a team then an actual character; but with The Avengers doing gangbusters at the box office Guardians of the Galaxy coming to the screen, and a Defenders Netflix show (err, movie?) coming, it only makes sense for Marvel to look for more teams to adapt to the screen.

Secret Avengers interests me because they are essentially a Black Ops division of The Avengers. I could see Nick Fury divising this team to fly under the radar. This could make for a great action thriller and give some attention to characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow.


Like Adam Warlock, Vision brings a unique view on humanity to the table and brings an interesting power set to The Avengers

How Vision appears in the MCU is uncertain, but I'm sure he's coming. Perhaps he's Ultron's right-hand man during the upcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, but then converts to The Avengers at the end of the movie.

Desired Actor: Paul Bettany

Wonder Man

A reformed villain turned hero, I think that Wonder Man is actually a pretty dumb character. That said, a certain perfect storm of cast and crew could bring Wonder Man to the MCU in the best way possible.

Desired Actor: Scott Adkins


Sentry is a very powerful character, but unlike characters like him who are perfection personified, Sentry is completely insane. That said, his power is unparalled and his presence on The Avengers is often times best described as being a 'loose cannon' which could set up interesting scenarios.

Desired Actor: Channing Tatum


Not so much a character as a mantle of sorts, Ronin is a role occupied by Echo, Hawkeye, and an ex-lover of Black Widow. Even rumors suggest Blade is the new Ronin in the comics.

Ronin could be interesting as a character as it's someone who operates on their own, and could be an interesting character; and more interestingly a interesting way to take Hawkeye. A character that's otherwise been under utilized in the MCU thus far. Seeing him bounce around the shadows as Ronin could be a cool way to breathe life into the character. Or introduce Echo, that could be cool too.


With ties to HYDRA and SHIELD; I could see Jessica Drew being introduced down the line in an MCU movie. While not my first choice, I think there's a few interesting ways they can take her character.

Desired Actor: Alison Brie


When infused with Bruce's blood, Jennifer Walters becomes She-Hulk. While I normally condone the use of the extended characters in the Hulk storylines, I also think that lately Marvel has done interesting stuff with She-Hulk and have implemented her well in the Marvel universe; she's now more then just as simple side character to The Hulk, she has stories to support herself, and if I had to choose someone from the Hulk 'family' it'd be her.

Desired Actor: Alexis Bidel

Enough of my picks, here's what others in the CBM community had to say!

Thanks for reading! As always, comment below and if you liked my article please give it a thumbs up. Who do you want to see in the MCU? Do you think Sentry and Wonder Man are bad characters? You know where to sound off. If you like, I host a podcast called the Three Angry Nerds podcast where you can listen to me ramble on a weekly basis.
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