Top 10 Superheroes

Top 10 Superheroes

My top 10 superheroes and reasoning behind it.

When I was a little kid I grew up watching/reading Superman, Batman and Spider-man so naturally they became my favorites. I love both Marvel and DC and I don't understand why people have to pick one side and not like the other. I love comics, plain and simple.

Here's my top 10 superheroes.


My favorite superhero like most people. Amazing powers, epic fights with big bosses, and sweet costume. Superman is made for people who enjoy great boss fights with loads of destruction.


Batman has so many great story lines it's impossible to start counting. He has a great rogues gallery and is a great hero because of his ability to overcome super powers with his intellect, gadgets and fighting skills. Great tv shows, movies, and games help contribute to my liking of Bats.


Grew up watching the 90's tv show all the time. Spiderman's unique abilities give him a very interesting appreciation for the character. Like Batman he has a great rogues gallery and a lot of great story lines. There have been good shows, movies and video games for the Web head too.


The smartalec speedster is someone many enjoy reading and watching. The ability to run at super sonic speeds is a very fascinating feat. Flash has different people that portray the character which gives the hero many story lines and keeps things interesting.


Growing up Cyclops was my favorite X Man. We could relate because we both had eye problems. Grant it I just had horrible vision and he optic blast but still, issues with the eyes was there. Loved his optic blast, costume and leadership roles he took on.


Green Lantern has very unique powers unlike any other superhero. The ability to create contrusts with light is very interesting and cool to see on paper, tv and finally on the big screen (even if it wasn't as good as it should have been). Many great story lines and like Flash, many other Lanterns make GL one of my favorites.


Some people may not like Robin but I think he's awesome. Very smart kid and sweet costume, gadgets and staff. Love how he develops and eventually becomes Nightwing(Dick Grayson) and Red Robin(Tim Drake). Poor


One of the most bada$$ dudes in comics. This dude doesn't take any kind of crap from no one. Awesome healing ability, with adamantium claws, cool collection of costumes and a bada$$ attitude makes Wolverine one of my favorites.


Such a unique character this Hulk hero is. Changing from this weakling Dr. Banner to this Hulking Goliath with unlimited strength. A very cool character to watch destroy any who try to destroy him.


Always loved this character growing up. Loved how he traveled through space on a surf board and had the power cosmic and could take on pretty much anyone in the in universe.

So those are my favorite superheroes.

Who are yours?
Leave in the comments below.
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