Top 5 Favorite Superhero Themes

Top 5 Favorite Superhero Themes

I have a couple of favorite superhero themes, some of my favorites may surprise you. come see what they are.

Now please keep in mind this is just opinion, you have the right to disagree with me, and hey it would be great to hear some of your favorites. And of course, let me know what you think in the comments. Now LETS GET STARTED!!

5. Hulk - By Danny Elfman

Even if this movie is hated by the masses you have to agree it has a really great theme, its dark, its dramatic, and it gives you a nice feel of the tone of the film, the reason it goes really low on the list is because although i really like to listen to the song it doesn't really fit the hulk per say, you would expect something big and epic, this is nice and quiet. For a guy who smashes things, you would expect different.

4. Spider-Man - By Danny Elfman

Wow, another Danny Elfman theme, weird right? Well here's the thing with this song, it gets up here for nostalgic value for me, more then any song on this list i just always remembered watching the original Spider-Man movies and getting really excited when this theme popped up, it was big, it had scope, it made ya feel like some big stuff was going to go down,it helped a lot how it had that big opening scene that it did, and it really fit the spider-man for those movies. So in my mind, im never gonna stop liking this song.

3. Man Of Steel - Hans Zimmer

YES. I know, how dare i put this on the list instead of the theme by elfman? well its simple, although i watched the original superman movies as a kid, i never really got into them, don't get me wrong, the theme is awesome, and if this were a top ten list it would definitely be on here. Now onto this theme, i always more so respected superman and what he stood for then the actual character, inspiring hope and helping you feel powerful. This theme, did it for me more then the elfman theme for the fact that it started off nice and small and had perfect build up, a song where i could see superman flying around and saving people, that can be seen with the original theme, but just not the extent of the speed of superman, at least to me. So sorry if i offended anybody, but its just a personal thing.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man - James Horner

Another big shock probably. Yes i like this theme more, while i said the other one had a big nostalgic value for me, this one i just feel fits the spider-man i know more. I love Spider-Man he is and always will be my favorite superhero, even as a kid though, i could tell he was struggling, and what he was going through was not all flowers and chocolate. So i feel this fits perfectly, dark yet whimsical,cause really that's what spider-man is. He's a guy like you or me who is experiencing something that really would make anybody feel Amazing (Pun intended). If i were swinging through the city i would definitely want something like this backing me up.

1. Kick Ass - Henry Jackman

I go through this who thing about how spider-man is my favorite superhero, yet kick ass has my favorite theme? Here's how it works. The kick ass movies are great, whenever i watch them i always feel like i want to go out and make a difference as a superhero, then i realize id get my ass handed to me on a platter so i don't. To me this song sums up a superhero in a nutshell, its fantasy, its big yet quiet at the same time, it feels like something you could hear as a theme for your favorite superhero in the 1960s or now. Its universal, with only a few exceptions you could apply it to any superhero out there. But the biggest thing about it is what i said before, it makes me want to be a hero just listening to it. And with how kick ass works? I think the song, did its job right.
Thank you very much for reading, once again, let me know in the comments what you think. Should i make more lists? Thanks and you all have a great night.
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