Top 5 Heroes That Should Be Rebooted or Adapted

Top 5 Heroes That Should Be Rebooted or Adapted

There are the greats that have already had their run, there are the legends that have never had a GOOD run, and there are those who haven`t even seen the light.

Hope you liked my metaphoric teaser :)

Now to buissness: We all watch and love all those great cbms out there such as The Avengers, The Dark Knight Trilogy(excluding rises), and The Amazing Spider-man and we all know that there is much more that these big movie companies can give us. Marvel never lets us down with their movies. they have millions of possibilities and scripts being written. People work on them for years and bring them to the exectutives to find out if they`re screen worthy.

Fox on the other hand... Well I despise Fox mainly for getting that deal Marvel gave them and instead of taking a great oportunity they intirely let us down in every way. But you didn`t click on this because you wanted to hear me babble on about movie companies. so let`s begin and you`ll hear more of my opinions throughout.

5. Daredevil

We were all heartbroken when Fox made one of the most stupid choices in cbm history. Not only were they gonna drop Marvel`s great deal, they also had to give up entirely on Daredevil and hire a guy to stand there and say that Fox`s mcu would be like Marvel`s. Well that was a horrible day in the cbm industry and it won`t be the last time Fox makes a stupid choice. I put One of my favorite heroes in 5 because I know it will never happen. Fox gave the rights back to Marvel but the only way they could use him is on the S.H.I.E.D. TV show. Here`s my idea:

Marvel could use him for one season on TV and then give Sony the opportunity to buy the rights and reboot it. Sony seems to not be going good finacially and what better way to start making more cbms?! They could do to Daredevil what they did to Spider-Man. Maybe they could even make Daredevil part of the TASM universe.

Call me crazy but that`s my idea. Even if nothing happens, Daredevil still needs to to have another run on screen.


This article is mostly about reboots but I still wanted to have NOVA in here. I mean he`s Marvel`s most famous space hero, they`ve already incorporated him in the USM tv show so why wouldn`t they have him in Guardians of the Galaxy? He would fit perfectly and I already have my atro choice: Garrett Hedlund. If your having to much trouble seeing it look at this image:

3. Batman

When listing this I had to ask myself "Who needs to be on screen the most?" I thought that maybe Batman didn`t need to be on screen as much as the next 2. But nevertheless Batman can never get old. It occurs to me that "normal" people might say something like "Wow ANOTHER Batman movie." then roll their eyes. this might be the case. but looking on the bright side I already have a good plot direction thought up for it... But thats another article. Ben Affleck will star in (as Batman), direct and write my dream Batman reboot.

2. Dr. Strange

Yep the good doctor is one of my favorite cosmic heroes and he deserves a good movie. Stan the man said that a Dr. Strange was on the way and I can only hope he was right. He is also said to have a part in T:TDW but with them already filming the action parts either he`s not in it or he has a very small part. As for the plot I have written a script that I quit on because NOBODY COMMENTED (except for you Mr.justiceavenger :) so check them out if you want:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

1. The X-Men

I`ll just say it: all the X-Men movies are stupid. I don`t want to be a troll but ugh, they are so horrible! The reboot should have all the characters and all the origins. it won`t be just about Logan, it will follow the comic and have a director that cares and knows how to make a cbm. My next article will probly be about a possible X-Men reboot so be on the look out and merry christmas!
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