Top 5 Underrated Comic Book Movies

Top 5 Underrated Comic Book Movies

This is my list of the top 5 comics adaptations most bashed, trashed and all around hated on. You may agree or disagree, but all in all its my list so learn to love :)

1) Spawn
The movie is dark, funny and interesting as hell. Even though the special effects are pretty weak it was an all around good movie.

2) The Phantom
Billy Zane is the man and even though the movie had a very campy feel to it, that seemed to be its redeeming factor. It reveled in its campyness.

3) Daredevil
Farrel haters make no sense. Bullseye should be over acted because he is just like that in the comics. Completely insane and full of himself. Affleck takes way too much crap for this movie.

4) Blade Trinity
Reynolds brought great comic relief to the movie that contrary to popular belief, was great for the movie. Blade sticks to his cold hearted and unemotional ways while someone else brings a little comedy to the show. Casting Triple H was the biggest mistake of the movie, other than that it is a compelling story.

5) Constantine
Poor Reeves takes so much crap for all his movie and this one is no exception. I honestly love this movie and the story is phenominal. The acting by everyone is great, even though Reeves is not the greatest actor he does a decent job as John Constantine.

Many will disagree but I know there are people out there who secretly agree.
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