Top Ten Godzilla Monsters (Other than Godzilla)

Top Ten Godzilla Monsters (Other than Godzilla)

What's better on Halloween than a giant monster? Ten giant monsters of course! Check out my list of the top ten monsters to appear in a Godzilla film...

Well, it's Halloween and what else could I do but talk about some of the all-time great movie monsters. I've always loved monster movies, but my undoubted favorites are Toho's Godzilla films. So for Halloween I've decided to list off my favorite creatures featured in the various Godzilla films over the years. Since Godzilla himself would obviously be my top pick, I'm throwing him off the table. I'd also like to note that these aren't the top ten most powerful Godzilla monsters or the top ten most frequent to appear Godzilla monsters, just my personal favorites; it's completely a matter of opinion and you have every right to disagree. Now that I have the introduction out of the way, let's get to it!


Baragon. While not one of the best-known Godzilla monsters or one of the coolest looking, I've always had a soft spot for Baragon. He's a goofy looking thing with big floppy ears who never stood a chance against the other monsters in the Godzilla universe, but he still put up the good fight. He first appeared in Frankenstein Conquers the World, in which he was promptly killed by a giant Frankenstein's monster (don't ask). He later showed up in Destroy All Monsters and helped take down King Ghidorah. Perhaps his most noteworthy appearance is in GMK, where he was one of the "Guardians of Earth" trying to protect Japan from Godzilla. He gets his ass kicked of course, but Baragon still put up a good fight and for that he gets the number ten spot on this list.


Mothra. Mothra is one of Godzilla's most frequently use foes. She's appeared in 11 Godzilla films and even a few films of her own. She first appeared in her very own Mothra film, but wasn't long before Toho pitted her against the big G. In the original posters for the American release of the film, which was titled "Godzilla vs. the Thing", the image of Mothra was censored, claiming that the monster was "too horrible" to be shown on the poster, cause if there's one thing that horrifies people it's fluffy butterflies. Mothra has most often been depicted as a hero of earth, trying to defend people from Godzilla. She never really stands a chance against Godzilla though (how could she) and her caterpillar babies often have to finish the job for her. I would put Mothra higher on the list, but I've always been annoyed that out of all the creatures Godzilla's defeated, it always seems like two cute little caterpillars manage to get the best of him.


Biollante. Biollante was created when a distraught scientist mixed his dead daughter's DNA with a rosebush and then injected Godzilla DNA into the mixture (in the Tohoverse mixing anything with Godzilla DNA causes inevitable monster mayhem). At first Biollante was a big rose thing, which Godzilla quickly sought out and destroyed. Later Biollante returned, this time as a carnivorous plant creature a la Little Shop of Horrors. Godzilla again destroyed her. Biollante might have been a short lived monster, appearing in just one film, but she's one if the biggest(bigger than Godzilla himself) and certainly one of the most interesting visually and conceptually.


Anguirus. When Godzilla first battled another giant monster in Godzilla Raids Again, it was Anguirus that he fought. Despite being Godzilla's first ever foe, Anguirus would return in future films as an ally Godzilla, helping him against King Ghidorah, Gigan, and Mechagodzilla. It is for this reason that he makes the list. Anguirus has always been Godzilla's most loyal ally. In one film him and Godzilla actually have a conversation, but the less said about that the better. Anguirus is a spiny armadillo monster who always seems to get pushed around. Obviously Godzilla beats him in Godzilla Raids Again, but Anguirus gets brutally beaten by Mechagodzilla and King Ghidorah in later films. Despite taking a long break from Godzilla films during the Heisei series, he eventually returned to get beat down by Godzilla again in Final Wars.


Orga. What happens when aliens create a mutated clone of Godzilla? Orga happens. Orga is a hideously mutated attempt at a Godzilla Clone. In Godzilla 2000, an alien spaceship rises out of the ocean (looking like a giant piece of poop, I might add) and proceeds to wreak havoc on Japan. Godzilla must take offense at other monsters destroying his city because he always seems to become all heroic as soon as that happens. It's not like Godzilla is really any better, he causes more destruction than anything else after all. Anyways Godzilla attacks the spaceship, which absorbs some of his DNA and becomes Orga. Orga then proceeds to duke it out with the king of the monsters. At first Godzilla can't seem to take Orga down; every time Godzilla shoots him he just reforms. So what's a atomic breathing monster to do? How about let Orga swallow him whole so that he blast his way from the inside. Yeah that's what happen and yes, it is awesome. Orga is one of Godzilla creepiest looking enemies, and I like to think he may have in part inspired the look of the Cloverfield monster.


Gigan. Godzilla vs. Gigan is a terrible movie. I'll admit that, even as a lifetime fan of Godzilla. It takes campyness to a whole new level. It features blood spurting from Godzilla, shameless stock footage of monster battles, and even talking monsters (although I'd hardly call the scratchy, distorted voices talk). Despite the film being awful, it did produce a pretty cool monster. Gigan is just ridiculous on every level. He has one big red eye, a beak with pincers, a spiky chicken head, a deadly buzz-saw on his stomach, wings, and hooks instead of hands. He actually gave Godzilla a pretty good fight. In the video games he could even teleport. The only way Gigan could possibly be more insane is if they replaced his hook hands with gigantic, functional chainsaws, but even Toho wouldn't do something that crazy. Except that they totally would.


Rodan. Rodan is another monster that first appeared in his own movie before battling Godzilla. He fought the Big G in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster before being persuaded by Mothra to help Godzilla take down Ghidorah. If that sounded ridiculous, that's only because it was. Rodan helps and battles Godzilla on numerous occasions, and, while essentially just a big pterodactyl, he's pretty hardcore. Especially when he gets mutated by Godzilla's radiation and becomes Fire Rodan.


Destoroyah. Not destroyer, Destoroyah. After 20 years of destroying Tokyo Toho decided to put down the King of the Monsters. In order to do so, they needed to create a monster so powerful, so epic, and so awesome that it could succeed where dozens of prior monsters had failed. They needed something to kill Godzilla. What they came up with is Destoroyah. He looks like the goddamn devil! Destoroyah is actually a bunch of microscopic life-forms who survived in a no-oxygen environment deep in the ocean. Eventually these organisms multiple and form into bigger, crab-like creatures. Of course these little crabs don't stand a chance against Godzilla...unless they all team up to form one giant devil spawn. That's exactly what they did. Not only is Destoroyah's final form bigger than Godzilla, but it's a lot more powerful too. So powerful that he beats Godzilla when Godzilla is in "meltdown" mode, basically meaning he's more powerful than he ever has been before. Godzilla never beats Destoroyah either, it's eventually the military that defeats him. Destoroyah is certainly awesome, but he's only ever appeared in one film! I, for one, want more of this monster.


King Ghidorah. Ghidorah is the most dastardly and evil monstrous bastard that Godzilla has ever faced. He is undeniably awesome; I mean he's a giant three-headed, lightning shooting dragon! In his early appearances, Ghidorah was depicted as an alien who repeatedly tried to take over Earth. Godzilla always managed to drive him away, but never alone. Godzilla always had to join up with Anguirus or Rodan to beat Ghidorah; once it took all of the monsters in the Tohoverse together to take down Ghidorah. In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah(probably my favorite Godzilla film besides the original) he's a mutated time-traveling monster who replaces Godzilla as Tokyo's worst monster threat. In Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack (apparently there was not a single other movie title available) he's actually a Guardian of Earth, who defends Tokyo against the threat of Godzilla. Of course, I prefer him in a villainous role, and that's exactly what he was as the final monster in the final Godzilla film: Godzilla Final Wars. Ghidorah is Godzilla's most famous foe, and I doubt that I'll ever tire of seeing him trying to take on the king.


MechaGodzilla. Mechagodzilla is Godzilla's best enemy. While having a giant robot version of a giant monster is already awesome, Mechagodzilla really just blows all other monsters away. He has eye-lasers, chest-lightning, finger-missiles, shoulder-rockets, freeze-rays, and all other assortments of weaponry. Mechagodzilla always gives Godzilla a run for his money when they battle. First he was an evil alien robot, then a military machine reverse engineered from future technology, and finally a military robot that goes rogue. He just too damn awesome to deny the first place on this list. I love all three interpretations of Mechagodzilla, but my favorite is probably the original. He's just so mean and brutal in the first film, I love it. Also the original had missiles instead of fingers, so he couldn't move his fingers or make a fist, meaning every time he fights it looks like he's just karate chopping the crap out of his opponents, and that's what I like in the ideal monster movie; a giant monster in a karate fight with his evil robotic counterpart.

Thanks for reading my list of top ten Godzilla Monsters, have a Happy Halloween.

Bonus Monster:

Jet Frickin' Jaguar
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