Top Ten James Bond movies.

Top Ten James Bond movies.

My top ten favorite James Bond. Click to find out which they are.
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Names Bond...James Bond. One of the most famous lines in our time and very iconic since the days of Sean Connery. Every James Bond (Except Quantum of Solace) has used that line, and it melts the British agent's female associates everytime. Bond is one of my beloved characters and I'm drawn between Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Below are my top ten favorite James Bond movies to date.


10. For Your Eyes only

Bringing in a more serious and believable twist into the James Bond era, For Your Eyes only brings a hot bond girl and a realistic Villain into the mix. Even though the girl that has a huge crush on Bond in here (not the main bond girl btw) is extremely annoying, For Your Eyes Only gets the job done in the end. But it shows how Roger Moore was becoming too old for his role.

9.From Russia with Love

Simply, this is a great movie. Sean Connery once again owns his role as James Bond, his piffy comebacks, his swift remarks are not forgotten in this unforgettable James Bond. I have little to complain about this movie and when I first saw it, my expectations weren't too high. But after it closed, I was blown away. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it.

8. License to Kill

A James Bond movie that feels more like a dark 80s movie than a Bond movie. Many scolded Timothy Dalton's performance as Britain's top spy, but I adored him. He did a way, way better job than Roger Moore. Scot Glen once again takes his place in directing his fourth Bond movie in a row and after two failures like Octopussy and View to a Kill, he found a better bond in Dalton. License is good, and has a good ending but it is not as entertaining as its predecessor.

7. The Living Daylights

This is the most entertaining Bond movie of the 1980s. If you're bored on a weekend afternoon with nothing on the agenda, Pop In The Living Daylights. Dalton gives a very good performance in his first role as James Bond and unlike its two predecessors, Daylights provides you with a well structured plot without any campy dialogue or scenes. I love this movie.

6. The World Is Not Enough

This movie has the best theme music to it (The World is Not Enough by Garbage) Michael Apted does a fantastic job in his direction and the opening boat chase scene is thrilling and exciting to watch each time. The way the villain dies is awesome in this movie and when you first watch it, It'll make you go 'ooooh!' But the only complaint I have about this movie is that Denise Richards is the the Bond girl. She's a huge miscast, but her pretty looks make up for her terrible acting.

5. The Spy Who Loved me

While For Your Eyes only wasn't perfect, Spy is. This is Roger Moore's BEST Bond picture; it's witty, action packed (strange for its time) and has quite a few twists and turns with its plot. Moonraker essenstially copied this movie in everyway (with jaws and how the bad guy wants to create a new world in space. THe bad guy in Spy wants to create a new world underwater) Its a shame Moore's movies went down hill (excluding For Your Eyes)

4. Tomorrow Never Dies

Elliot Carver is a damn good villain in this movie. Yes the plot may seem a little 'meh', but a great score by the best Bond composer ever (David Arnold) gives this movie an authentic feeling to it, and once again boasts a creative way to kill off the baddie. Give the people what they want, ya know.

3. Thunderball.

Following the most overrated Bond movie of all time (Goldfinger) this is Connery's best Bond movie. Why? Well when you watch it, it doesn't feel like it was made in 1965. It feels ten years ahead of itsself. No JOKE. To keep it brief, its better acted than Goldfinger, the plot is better, the bad guy is more fierce, way more action (which is awesome. the underwater battle is epic and well put together) and most of all, you won't sleep through it. Thunderball is a classic.

2. Casino Royale

Martin Campbell may not be a good director for Green Lantern (well we are yet to bare witness to his Director's Cut which apparently will blow the theatrical out of the water) he is the best director for Bond. Guy Hamilton did wonders for Dr. No, but also created a boring Goldfinger and a horrible Man with the Golden Gun. Campbell brings in great stunts that wow you the viewer including the whole construction chase scene in the beginning. It doesn't get more thrilling than that.

and the winner is.....

1. Goldeneye.

Campbell's first Bond movie really started his career. Opening with the most memorable scene in Bond history (my opinion) where he blows up the Russian Chemical factory and Alec is executed before his eyes. Then it jumps into an unforgettable song sung by the famous Tina Turner. Goldeneye is a dark twist on Bond, and Pierce does his best performance out of the four movies he starred in for Bond. Bottom line is...this is the best Bond Movie ever, and the Best N64 game of all time.

Let me know!

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