Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!

Comic Book Movies their own genre? Over saturation? With dozens of movies coming out in the next couple or years, can this new genre last or will it die out before it is too late?

Yes, another article about this annoying subject. But is it be because doom may be coming to this new genre or are we just freaking out. This is my favorite website, period. My girl friend hates this site due to the fact that I have a smart phone and check this place dozens of times a day. Yes, I need help. But over the past few months dozens of articles have been written about the same thing over and over and over, quite possibly over saturating this editorial page with articles about, well, over saturation. Now, why might so many people be worried about the same thing? Is there really a problem in the quantity in which the four main companies in this genre are producing these Comic Book/ Superhero movies?

Honestly, yes. In my opinion and based of basic economics, the rate and quality of these movies being produced is killing this genre. Basic economics says that there is a limit in which, no matter the quality of product, the consumer will not want the product. I will oddly compare this to food. say you are eating a meal, no matter how good the food is, at some point you will get full. If you continue eating, you will feel sick. The enjoyment of the once amazing food is now much lowered to the point that you don't want anymore for a while.

You might find this comparison ludicrous but in all actuality this is almost inevitable. But, by now most of the people reading this article have written me off as some sort of idiot for coming to a site dedicated to CBM's and saying that they don't like the amount of movies coming out now-a-days. This is not entirely true, though. I love these movies but I disagree in the way that the major companies are releasing and marketing them. They are bleeding the genre dry and getting as much as they can before the general population becomes disinterested. Honestly, it does not matter how "fresh" the characters are they are marketing or how different they are from another character, people are not stupid. Once people stop demanding these movies, they will be gone. And i mean gone. Yes, there may be a couple a year afterward but the majority of those made will be characters or properties that have already been established.

You may argue that there have only been a few Comic Book related movies this year released and this is true. But what is wrong with this year, and some in the past, is that the major four companies have all placed them in the Summer months. That's right. Every Comic Book related movie out this year besides Green Hornet was released in a small chunk of the year in which most Blockbuster movies are released. Thor, Xmen, Captain America, Transformers, Green Lantern, and Cowboys and Aliens were all summer movies. I'm very sorry but by the end of the summer, even I started to get tired of the constant commercials of the various CBMs this summer.

With two more years, at least, planned to the brim with CBMs marketed in the same manner, how much longer will people keep caring? I will even argue that it isn't even because the companies keep doing "origin" films either because the general public like this format because they dont know anything about these characters for the most part and the build up of the movie is simple and easy to follow. "Stand alone" movies based on single stories from a Comic Book would not work either, unless the character is well known enough to get people to come.

I will have a lot of people that disagree with almost everything I have written and even now my girl friend is being pissy because I have spent too much time writing this, but I feel like this is an actual problem that many of the people here try to ignore. The Amazing Spider Man, Superman, Batman, Avengers, Ghost rider, Preacher, Judge Dredd, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, and now Dr. Strange have all been confirmed for the next two years. With even more possible like Daredevil, Wolverine, Flash, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Green Lantern 2, Deadpool, AntMan, Xmen FC 2 and many others have either been rumored or are in preproduction.

You tell me, how many do we need in a two year period? Let me know how you feel
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