Upcoming Comic Book Movies

Upcoming Comic Book Movies

Do not put a stop to these CBM's!

Alright I just came across this website that showed 5 upcoming comic books that must be stopped. Im bringing it up because I know a lot of you are excited about a few of these. I know I sure as hell am!

Namor Pictures, Images and Photos. Do right this movie would be freaking awesome. Right casting to. Not Angel. But at the same time if this movie doesn't come out I wouldnt care either.

Photobucket. This movie is long over due in my eyes. And I think The Rock needs to play Black Atom more dear jesus do you know how freaking sweet that would be? Just jeezed a lil sorry.

3: Luke Cage
Luke Cage Pictures, Images and Photos. Yet another one thats long over due. Now its been rumored for so long that Tyrese is going to play Luke and IMDB.com has him listed as Luke, but now also they have Kevin Navayne as Willis Stryker. And John Sinlgeton is still listed as the director.

4: Green Lanter:
green lantern Pictures, Images and Photos. To late haters. Ok so what Ryan Reynolds is playing Green Lanter. I bet you that this movie be one of the greatest comic book movies made. If its not...oh well. There's always a sequel and reboot.

5: Thor
Thor (616) Pictures, Images and Photos. How could you not want a Thor movie to come out? The website basically says that Thor should not be made because he looks gay. Which is stupid.

Basically all of these movies would be and will be fucking sweet. And I can't wait for any of them to come out to theaters where i will be first in line at the midnight shows to see.

The movies that did need to be stopped where

Batman and Robin
The Spirit
Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer
Howard The Duck

And just to state I LOVE X-MEN ORIGINS:WOLVERINE, SPIDER-MAN 3, X-MEN 3 LAST STAND. There were only 2 villians in Spider-Man and I think they were done well they didn't over crowd the movie. My only problem was SandMan was a little bitch! Otherwise good movie!
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