UPDATE:: In Defense Of Shailene Woodley As Mary Jane Watson

<FONT COLOR="Red">UPDATE:</FONT COLOR="RED">: In Defense Of Shailene Woodley As Mary Jane Watson

Due to recent hate fanboys have been showing Shailene Woodley because of photos of her arriving on set, LEVITIKUZ updates a previous article defending Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson. Click to check it out.

All some p**** ***** on the internet can say is “that verse ain’t good, it’s boring” – boring? Really?
-Andre 3000 "Sorry"

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this article. I think that the Andre 3000 line quote is fitting to this discussion about Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane. Now ever since Mary Jane’s first appearance with her one-line “Face it tiger, you’ve hit the jackpot!” Mary Jane Watson has been an important figure in the Spider-Man universe. Since the Spider-Man movies were rebooted, The Amazing Spider-Man was the first Spider-Man movie to not feature Mary Jane. Recently off her success from The Descendants, Shailene Woodley has signed on to play Mary Jane Watson in the Marc Webb reboot series. Like how every time someone gets cast in a superhero movie, fans cried foul. They didn’t like Shailene being Mary Jane. A member on this site called BatmanBlueLantern wrote an article defending Shailene. I liked the article but I thought it was too short. He only gave 2 reasons defending Shailene. Well back up has arrived. I’m going to back up BatmanBlueLantern add more on to why Shailene Woodley is a good pick for Mary Jane Watson. Now most of what I wrote in this first paragraph was from October. It’s almost March. You have seen the first unofficial photos of Woodley as Mary Jane and once again, fanboys dislike it. I decided to rebuff and reedit my previous article and defend Woodley as Mary Jane. Let’s begin.

The First Set of Photos Was Her Coming Out of Bed To The Set of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

I think most of you are confused about the first set of photos from Woodley. She wasn’t shooting; she was arriving on set that day. She doesn’t have any make up on because that’s the makeup person’s job on set to add make up. She was walking to set in a cold February in New York City. So why are you guys hating again? This isn’t how Mary Jane isn’t going to look in the film and yet comments like “she’s a horrible pick” come up. Last time I checked, one doesn’t judge acting talent based off of photos. The last thing I will say on this reason is there is no, and I repeat NO reason to be as disrespectful as you guys were. No reason what so ever.

She Can Act

Let’s all agree on this fact (for those few that have seen films with her): Shailene can act. Most of you fanboys joke about how much you didn’t like Kirsten Durst performance as Mary Jane. Now they’ve cast someone who can act and now you’re giving her nothing but crap? What makes you happy? Shailene so far has been up for a total of 47 awards for the film The Descendants. She had to act opposite to George Clooney. Even though George was involved in destroying the Batman series, when George has a good script he’s a great actor. Shailene is getting her name up in the world and her in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will help her even more.

We Already Had The 616 MJ That Wants To Be An Actress And Models

Maybe fans complain that they want a Mary Jane that is from the 616 that is an actress and models YOU GUYS ALREADY HAD THAT IN KIRSTEN DURST!!!! Kirsten Durst’s Mary Jane was more of the 616 MJ. She thought about being a model (go re-watch Spider-Man, this was hinted at) and she was an actress. Despite whatever you think about Durst’s Mary Jane, her MJ was faithful to the 616 MJ. Why would you want Woodley’s Mary Jane to be an actress or model when you already had one is beyond me.

She Is Playing The ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Mary Jane

Since we already have the 616 version of MJ in Durst, Woodley will be the Ultimate Spider-Man version of MJ. In the Ultimate universe, Mary Jane is neither a model nor an actress. Why you guys are always saying that Mary Jane in the film needs to be a model type looking girl is beyond me when she isn't a model in the comics. Ultimate MJ is so far from the 616 MJ. MJ in the Ultimate timeline wants a career in journalism. Ultimate universe Mary Jane tries to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. Where do you see model or actress in that? Men lie, women lie, facts don’t.

Look At The Every Female Cast In A Comic Book Movies And Then Their Comic Book Counterpart

Most fans complain that she doesn’t look like Mary Jane from the comics. Every woman from the comics is a big breasted, huge ass, and small waist. Basically that could describe a porn star. Porn stars can’t act and neither can internet models like some people suggest for Mary Jane. Now shut up.

She’s Beautiful

In some of the articles where they talk about her; I'm reading the comments and some of you must be blind. Some of you were so disrespectful. Some of you must be on drugs with some of these comments. This girl is beautiful. If I was to judge her solely based off your comments, you guys are sound like your describing Meg Griffin from Family Guy to play MJ. I would like to see some of you get a girl as attracting as Shailene. "Oh she isn't model hot." She's a fricking actress. You want a model actress? How about Megan Fox? We've all seen her Oscar worthy performances from the Transformers movies. Some of you need to stop staring at nailbiter111's cosplay articles and come back to the real world. Just because this girl won’t be on the cover of a SI Swimsuit Edition doesn’t mean she can’t be MJ or doesn't mean she isn't fine.

The Name Won’t Outshine The Role

I have said this many times and this is important to have in a superhero film. Whenever you cast someone in a major role, try to cast someone whose name isn’t bigger than the role they are playing. I stated that this may be a good reason when I defended why Armie Hammer isn’t a bad choice for Batman and I’m going to state this for Shailene as Mary Jane. When your name isn’t bigger than the role he requires you to focus more on them. Some reason examples of this are Chris Evans as Captain America, Henry Cavill as Superman, and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and so far those three actors are doing amazing in their roles.

Fanboys Have Hated Against Every Great Thing In Comic Book Films When They Are Announced

Man why can't comic book fans fricking evolve? Some of you are the same pain in the asses as the comic book fans in the 1980s when Keaton was picked to play Batman. Let's look at a list of castings and directors fanboys have hated on:

Michael Keaton as Batman

Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin (rest in pardise big guy)

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Tom Hardy as Bane

Heath Ledger's Oscar winning performance as Joker when he was cast

Christian Bale as Batman

Chris Evans as Captain America

Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

Let me give everyone the big one:


Nowadays no one can talk ill of Joss or they will be crucified on this site just because he directed The Avengers. When he was chosen to direct The Avengers, fanboys disliked that!!! Want proof? Click on this “LINK

After seeing this list of decisions fanboys hated, the last people I would ask for their opinion on films are fanboys and that’s the truth.

Mila Kunis Without Makeup

Now this might me my most bizarre point but hear me out. Now I think we all can agree Mila Kunis is hot. Well above you see a photo of her with no makeup next to one of her where she does. In case you guys didn’t know, Mila Kunis tried out for Lois Lane in Man of Steel. Now she may have lost the role, but let’s just saw she did for a second. You guys would judge her appearance based upon the fact she has been in many successful films and some you have seen. You saw Mila in Black Swan. You know she can act. We also saw her in films like Ted, Book of Eli, and many other films. We know she is hot and can act. Now if the photo above was a photo of her arriving at the set of , none of you would overreact. You may make stupid comments about her but you’ve seen her in films so you know how good she is.

Now when Shailene is walking to the set with no makeup, everyone goes into panic mode. You guys say how bad of a casting she was, how she’s ugly, how she sucks. The things about it is most of you probably haven’t seen a film with Shailene so you judge her based on looks and not acting ability. When you cast actresses, one doesn’t look at a photo of someone. You cannot judge a person’s acting ability based off a photo. You have to watch films of the said actress to judge her. Do yourself a favor and watch a movie with Woodley and then come back and comment about her being Mary Jane.

So after reading this, now what are your thoughts and feelings about Shailene being cast as Mary Jane? Do you want to give the girl a chance or are you just going to bash another cashing like the comic book fans before you? Comment below. Peace.
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