Update on Transformers 4 and Release Date for Star Trek 2 Announced!

Update on Transformers 4 and Release Date for Star Trek 2 Announced!

J.J. Abrams sequel to the 2009 smash hit Star Trek has officially been pushed back to 2013. Meanwhile, Transformers 4 is, unfortunately, on the way. Hit the jump for the details...

Star Trek 2

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman recently offered brief updates on the latest installments in three of Paramount Pictures cash cows, the rebooted Star Trek saga, the Transformers franchise and the Paranormal Activity series.

Star Trek 2 is finally starting to pick up and get itself together, following a year of slow developments. Work on the fourth installments of the Transformers Franchise and the Paranormal Activity Franchise has (reportedly) begun, but both are all-but-guaranteed to come to fruition eventually.

Dauman told THR that previous reports about director/producer J.J. Abrams being committed to Star Trek 2 were indeed correct– and that the filmmaker is currently focused on developing the next installment in the science fiction franchise. However, those who were still holding out hopes that the Star Trek sequel –which may feature Benicio Del Toro as its mystery villain– could pull a First Class and get it's self together for a late 2012 release will be dissappointed to know that that's not happening.

Paramount now has a potential 2013 release in mind for Star Trek 2. While Summer 2013 seems the obvious route to take, there are already several significant Geek Franchises flicks scheduled to arrive throughout that season, which are Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim and Oblivion.

It’s possible that Paramount will decide to delay the sequel until the winder, possibly just before The Hobbit: There and Back Again storms into theatres worldwide. If that is the case, then I think that is a very bad decision on their part, as The Hobbit could fill the Fantasy gap in the market now that Harry Potter has ended.

Transformers 4

The company provided further confirmation that ideas for the project are actively being proposed. Regardless of whether or not Michael 'Boom-Boom' Bay returns as director (let's hope he doesn't), for now it’s simply a waiting game to find out what the next installment(s) in the franchise about aliens that transform into Earth vehicles will actully be about, not that the previous 3 movies were about anything.

Anyway, Star Trek 2 will be released sometime in 2013 and Transformers 4 will (hopefully not) be released sometime in the future!
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