Vote for the Sexiest CBM Hottie!

Vote for the Sexiest CBM Hottie!

Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie Hottie! Which one of these sexy ladies will win the day? Sexy Pics inside!

Jessica Alba starred as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Blake Lively starred as Carol Ferris in Green Lantern.

Carla Gugino starred as Lucille in Sin City.

Malin Akerman starred as Laurie Jupiter/Silk Spectre II in Watchman.

Eva Mendes starred as Roxanne Simpson in Ghost Rider.

Famke Janssen starred as Jean Grey in X-Men 1, 2, and 3.

Scarlet Johansson starred as The Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

Halle Berry starred as Storm in X-Men 1,2, and 3.

Halley Atwell starred as Peggy Carter in Captain America:The First Avenger.

January Jones starred as Emma Frost in X-Men:First Class.

Jennifer Garner starred as Elektra in Daredevil and Elektra.

Angelina Jolie starred as Fox in Wanted.

Jessica Biel starred as Abigail Whistler in Blade Trinity.

Kat Dennings starred as Darcy Lewis in Thor.

Kelly Hu starred as Lady Deathstrike in X-Men 2.

Natalie Portman starred as Jane Foster in Thor.

Natassia Malthe starred as Typhoid in Elektra.

Rebecca Romijn starred as Mystique in X-Men 1, 2, 3, and a Cameo in First Class.

These last two I added mainly because they were really hot pictures.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred as Romona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Technically Rise of the Planet of the Apes isn't a Comic Book Movie, but there has been comics based on Planet of the Apes. I decided to include this next addition because she is too hot not to include.

Freida Pinto starred as Caroline Aranha in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I'd like to thank my news team of course.

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