We NEED a ComicBookMovie.com App

We <b>NEED</b> a <b>ComicBookMovie.com App</b>

Someone out there hear our cries! We NEED an app for ComicBookMovie.com!

In today's market of smart phone users, having an app for your social networking site is a MUST!

Now I know that to classify CBM.com strictly as a "Social networking" site does it great injustice! There are so many layers to this site. You could classify it as a "News" site, "Fan" site, or even (to some extent) a "Gossip" page. However when you look at the level of interaction between contributors, editors and visitors combined with features such as the chat section, the Social Networking implications of this site are undeniable.

With that being said... I find it hard to enjoy CBM on the go. Which, let's face it; that is where a large number of us do our social networking.

It wouldn't need to have all the elements of our beloved ComicBookMovie.com, just a simplified way to keep up with articles, comments, etc...

I took the time to make this quick rendition of what I'm looking for in a CBM.com app.

Obviously I used the FaceBook app as a template because Facebook got it right with their app... keep it simple!

The Opening Page
The opening page as seen on the right)would have our rotating headlines (I used "Can You... Beat Galactus?" in the mock up)as well as a list of top articles that when opened would be in a large text small margin easy to read format.

There would be a place to log in (as with the Facebook app) you would only need to log in once and then it would remember the phone and logging in would no longer be needed.

The "9 square" button at the top would take you to...

Layout Page
The Layout page would have a "button" for each of our categories.

The button on the top left would take you to a mobile version of your "Member's Page"

The "Alert bar" at the bottom would take you to a list of articles that you've commented on or a list of contributed articles (based on your most recent activity).

Well, it may be a pipedream but it's my pipedream.

Am I alone here? Is there anyone else out there that has been waiting for this to become a reality?

Let me know below!

Till next time, Woodinator
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