What About Thor Animated Series?

What About Thor Animated Series?

With all those series and movies I really believe that Marvel forgot about Thor: The Animated Series. Follow the jump to see why.

People ,this is my first editorial. Sorry about anything wrong in here.

I think you all remember that Marvel announced in 2008 or 2009 a Thor Animated series for 2010. The series was suposed to follow the movie. I know the movieis only in 2011 and still have time. The thing is that I really think that Marvel forgot about the series.

Some will say that the series was converted to the DTV Thor : Tales Of Asgard ,but they announced both arround the same time. arvel have made annouces about The Avenger :> Earth´s Mightiest Heroes, Hulk : Gamma Corps ,Wolverine and the X-Men ,Black Panther ,The Super Hero Squad Show ,Marvel Anime but not even a thing about Thor. I was looking arround the internet and found some designs for the series (by Jonboy Meyers):

This guy says that those are early designs and that he did others and don´t know if he can upload them. If Marvel cancelled the cartoon why the guy wouldn´t be able to upload the pictures. That´s where I become confused. Why Marvel don´t say anything about the series. The guy who made those designs commented (here : http://jonboy007007.deviantart.com/art/Thor-Animated-164937858 ) that as far as he knows the series is being developed. That´s good ,but again : Marvel should say something about it! They did released a teaser image way back :

Thanks a lot!
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