What Movies Are Marvel Planning For 2015? We Have A Hint About One Of Em

What Movies Are Marvel Planning For 2015? We Have A Hint About One Of Em

And I do mean a HINT, one that doesn't really narrow anything down too much, but will definitely make for some interesting speculation. Click for the details..

We're not labeling this as an "exclusive", not making any kind of big deal or fanfare about it because let's face it, we didn't break any news here. But, what we did do is get hold of a very vague clue about one of the movies Marvel is planning for 2015 and we thought we'd share it with you guys. I've been hounding sources about some more info about this Black Panther movie that Marvel supposedly have in the works for 2014, and while the best I could get on that was a "Maybe, but nothing specific I can tell you about", I was able to squeeze out one interesting bit of info about one of the movies on the slate for 2015.

Said slate - or at least part of it - looks like this..

Q4fy15 - Origin Movie

So, one of the movies set for 2015 will be an origin story for a Marvel character, but which one? The Hulk's name has come up, which would gel with what we have already heard about Marvel's future movie plans for the Green Goliath, but another origin story after both previous movie's and The Avengers? Highly unlikely. To me "origin" suggests that it might be a character we have already seen - which would certainly narrow it down some. We have heard there are plans for solo Hawyeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury/S.H.I.E.L.D movies at some point, could it be one of them? Like I said, it's not that much to go on, but it's something! Sound off with your thoughts below.

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