What Suit Captain America Should Have Worn V.2

What Suit Captain America Should Have Worn V.2

A long time ago a user that I haven't seen in a while, Aguaman, wrote an editorial about what suit Captain America should wear. This is my response

Like I said in the 'Teaser, this editorial is a response/ comment on a long ago article written by a fellow user. The article is here: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/captain_america/news/?a=30493

In this article Aguaman had the foresight to see that the traditional Captain America suit would look too cheesy on screen for the Avengers. Oddly enough, as I read through many of the comment sections now, since the movie started filming, I'm seeing a lot of people that now see that Aguaman may have been right.

Many of you are commenting about how weird the helmet looks, or how bright and cheesy the colors are. A lot of you seem to have the same basic ideas that he had back before Captain America: The First Avenger came out. So, now I must ask the people of ComicBookMovie.com, do you think Aguaman was right?


P.S. I know this is a short editorial but It wasn't intended to be long
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