When Fox Kids Ruled the World

When Fox Kids Ruled the World

The age of Fox Kids and the impact it had on American Television.

The 90's was a great time to be a kid, even a big kid. Throughout the decade we had every basic channel fighting for our attention. ABC had it's Walt Disney Saturday Mornings which became 1 Saturday Morning, CBS and NBC both had their cartoon blocks, Kids WB which later became the CW was in second place with the ratings for children's programming. However, there was one network which topped them all.

Fox made it possible for kids to not only enjoy Saturday mornings, but also before school, after school and Sunday mornings with The Fox Kids Radio Countdown hosted by Christopher Leary. Occasionally we even got our fix during prime time with shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers specials and Life With Louie. Fox Kids held contests for kids to get involved and feel like they were apart of what made the network great.

The network had many great shows for those of us who remember. Batman The Animated Series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Bobby's World, X-Men, Spider-man the animated series, VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetle Borgs, Life With Louie, Eek the Cat, Goosebumps, Erie Indiana and many more that grabbed us by the shorts and told us to sit tight we rule the television now. Those of us who watched Fox Kids rarely needed to change the channel to a different station to find a good cartoon. Sure there were some occasional shows I didn't care for, but most of them had my attention. Saturday mornings meant waking up early no matter how tired you were, turning on the tv and sitting on the floor in your pajamas with a giant bowl of cereal watching Fox. Today's kids don't do that.

The only cartoons that run on basic channels today are those that are based on card games that have ran out their welcome, shows like Yugio and Beyblade. I blame Pokemon for opening that flood gate. Sure the CW now re-broadcasts episodes of Justice League on Saturday mornings during the time in which most of us would certainly be watching DC Nation on Cartoon Network had they not polled it, and Dragon Ball Z but they rerun the same episodes over and over and over. Sometimes I feel like reaching through the television, grabbing the producer, bitch slapping him and telling him there was more than half a season to Dragon Ball Z.

Sunday mornings were just as great for us. Fox Kids Radio Countdown which was hosted by Christopher Leary gave us the inside scoops on several of our favorite shows. We got to actually hear interviews with the cast of Power Rangers, Stan Lee, and Louie Anderson. In the Summer, Chris gave us the inside scoop of what was going to happen in the following season's shows. We got to listen to the extended versions of our favorite theme songs and hear the greatest songs of the time. Finally, there was a radio network for us,we were on top of the world.

Sadly 2001 wasn't only the year that the towers fell and America was changed forever, it was also the year Fox Kids ended it's broadcasts in favor of a more news oriented network. Fox Kids was bought out by ABC Family and became known from then on as Jetix.

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