Which superhero movie won 2011?

Which superhero movie won 2011?

Pretty much everyone has made their prediction for which movie will come out on top this year, but who won last year?

I meant to do this quite a while ago, but better late than never. I'll provide some of the details in writing for those of you who do not want to watch the video, but I go into much more detail with the video, so watching is highly encouraged. The written version is bare bones with no explanations or justifications.

Box Office
1) Thor- $$449,326,618
2) Captain America: The First Avenger- $ $368,608,363
3) X-men First Class- $353,624,124
4) Green Lantern- $219,851,172

Critical Reception
1) X-men First Class- 87%
2) Captain America: The First Avenger- 79%
3) Thor- 77%
4) Green Lantern- 27%

Best Action: Thor

Best Comedy: Thor

Best Love Story: Captain America: The First Avenger

Best Casting Choice: Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

Best Hero: Steve Rogers

Best Villain: Sebastian Shaw

Best Supporting Actor: Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Best Overall: X-men First Class

Click the posters to check out my individual reviews for each movie.

Also, please feel free to give your opinion on which movie you think was the best overall and in specific areas in the comments section.
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