who is the most evil, and unforgiving villain?

who is the most evil, and unforgiving villain?

Out of all the Villians you know of, who is the worst.
Who is that one Villian that is so evil...

If you was to choice a villian that was so evil and unforgiving who would it be?

Mine would be:


He shows no compassion or remorse for any of his actions. He is also utterly merciless, annihilating entire planets simply because Vegeta and Goku were not there. On the rare occasion he ever showed any restraint of his power, it was to make his "game" of destruction last longer instead of producing an instant kill. He doesn't care, or even know, about pain, nor does he seek to conquer and rule over anything. He merely seeks to have fun the only way he knows how, creating havoc and destruction in the whole universe. kill count, Kid Buu has the highest body count in the Dragon Ball universe, having destroyed several hundred planets worth of people. In total, Kid Buu generates an excessively high body count exceeding the trillions

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