Why comic book movies are magic!

Why comic book movies are magic!

In the past decade or so, we have been treated to see our heroes and villans come alive on the big screen.Good or bad, the movies leap off of the comicbook pages giving hope to a world in dyer need of it. I remember back in the 80's as a kid my father telling me a different origin story everynight at bedtime...

In my head were visons of radioactive spiderbites and men flying,stories of rich playboys and super soldiers fighting for good to protect the common man.I also remember the feeling i use to get, it was magical to believe that somewhere out there someone was watching over us. My first obsession was superman the movie.

Seeing christopher reeve on screen made me feel like anything was possible.Than until now we have been graced with the likes of Xmen,spiderman,batman,ironman,cap,thor etc. Recently, I saw captain america and couldnt help but feel emotional in how far we have come. Its not the costumes or the one liners but, the stories.The stories of everyday people with flaws and faults that see through all the negativity and stand up for a greater good. Seeing heath ledgers joker or Robert Downey Jrs Iron man.

To actually see their stories live and in color.We all sit back and say "hey they got it right!" or "hey he missed the mark!" but, we all need to remember the feeling of that first story we heard, or the first cbm we saw.To feel the impact of a great story..Movies are magic and I am humbled and grateful that we live in a world where visually anything is possible. I wanna thank my dad for always giving me hope,for Stan Lee and Jack kirby,for Bob Kane. To be able to see all this truly is amazing.

Its comic book magic...
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