Why Former Disney Musical Stars Should NEVER PLAY SUPERHEROS!

Why Former Disney Musical Stars Should NEVER PLAY SUPERHEROS!

The rumored role that will taint CBM's for generations to come

I bet you heard the news today about a certain person who was known almost ten years ago for his starring role in a certain Disney musical being up for the running of a major role in a superhero movie.

I am probably just as pissed as all of you are. Seriously, how the hell are we supposed to take a movie like this seriously when all I can think of as he's punching up bad guys is his pretty boy voice during those fruity, childish musical segments?

And that is my editorial on why Christian Bale should NOT play Batman.

--The internet circa 2004

Yes, Bale probably had the chance to turn his career around with American Psycho, but just because he played in American Pyscho first doesn't mean that his role as Batman would have been any different if he had that role first. Just imagine what the internet would be like today if Bryan Cranston was rumored for Lex Luthor and didn't have the chance to play Walter White first.

So, give Zac Efron a chance. Its just a rumor for crying out loud.
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