Will Disney's New Movie Plan Affect Our Heroes On Screen?

Will Disney's New Movie Plan Affect Our Heroes On Screen?

Disney is throwing a slight curve into the movies they will make. How will it affect Marvel movies?

Producers of the movie "The Proposal" say that Disney has informed them that they are going to focus on two kinds of films for now.

The first is "the $150 million plus blockbuster with lots of special effects and built in merchandising."

The second is "low budget productions."

Obviously films like IM2, Thor and Captain America fall into the first category. The question that immediately comes to my mind is: What about films such as Ant Man and the second tier heroes?

Marvel reportedly had plans for Ant Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist and others in the near future. Will their status as B-list heroes allow for a big enough budget for them to be made?

I know the alternative, going low budget would never do the characters any justice.

I am very interested to see what effect, if any this has on the future of our heroes on screen.

What do you think of this?
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