Worst comic book characters we should NEVER want to see on film!

Worst comic book characters we should NEVER want to see on film!

We all know that in the long history of comics there have been some amazing ideas for characters, and others that are just plain silly or ridiculous. Here is my list of characters that should NEVER be seen on film!


This might possibly be the weirdest character in history. Garth Ennis, of punisher MAX fame, created this character in his series called "Hitman." Dogwelder was part of a team called "Section Eight." What are Dogwelder's powers, you ask?? You guessed it, welding dogs to criminal's faces. We won't even get into the physics of how using a welding torch to weld a dog to a person's face is possible.

Arm Fall Off Boy

If this picture doesn't say it all, here's a short explanation. Arm Fall Off Boy is an old Legion of Superheroes character who was able to detach his arms, then he usually used it as a weapon. What else is there to say, really?

The Whizzer

Aside from having a name that makes him sound like he's constantly pissing himself, The Whizzer has super speed. That might be a cool power when you're talking about The Flash or Quicksilver, but this guy got his powers after being bitten by a cobra, then having a blood transfusion from a mongoose. If you're wondering why that would give him super speed, or save his life for that matter, then keep wondering...

Matter Eater Lad

Also a member of the legion of super heroes. If his name doesn't say it all, let me spell it out. His power is that he can eat anything...ANYTHING!

Stilt Man

Stilt Man began his career of shame in an early run of Daredevil. He has a suit of armor with telescopic legs, that make him VERY tall. For some reason he thought this would be a good thing for a criminal to have. His arch nemesis...power lines.

Paste Pot Pete

Later known as The Trapster, Paste Pot Pete didn't really have any powers. He had a glue gun that he would use to hold people in place. You would think this would be a villain for someone like The Flash, but no my friends, he fought the Fantastic Four more than anyone. The Fantastic Four for god's sake! This jobber deserves his place on this list just for thinking he could take them on with a glue gun!

Composite Superman

Joseph Meach worked at a museum dedicated to the Legion of Superheroes. One day, lightning struck the museum and endowed him with the combined powers of the Legion. He used his shape changing abilities to make himself a "half superman, half batman" costume. Having the combined powers of any super team would probably be a very cool prospect under normal circumstances, but this idiotic creation managed to make it completely lame. This is a perfect example of the campiness that used to take place in comics. Lets hope things never revert back to this!

And there you have it. Just a taste of some of the most ridiculous ideas for characters that have ever graced the pages of comics. Let us all hope none of these make it to the big screen!

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