Wrestlers-Turned-Comic-Book Creators New comic

Wrestlers-Turned-Comic-Book Creators New comic

Shad Gaspard, formerly of Cryme Tyme, and Marc Copani, formerly Muhammed Hassan are asking the fans for pledges to help in the launch of their new comic book.

ASSASSIN & SON: PATH OF VENGEANCE, the first of a three-book original graphic novel series to be published by Blackline Comics, the first of which will premiere this Fall. ASSASSIN & SON: PATH OF VENGEANCE has the distinction of having been created by former WWE professional wrestlers Shad Gaspard (of the tag team Cryme Time) and Marc Copani (formerly known as Muhammad Hassan). The original graphic novel (OGN) is drawn by Brazilian comic art sensation Eder Messiah, with colors by master colorist Paul Little (Image Comics). The complete story will be told in three separate OGNs, the first of which is 95 pages and is complete at this time. Each additional book will be equally generous in page count, for mature audiences

Whenever, wherever someone's life must end, violently, abruptly, and with extreme prejudice, there ride the Horsemen. A team of the most ruthlessly efficient contract killers ever to walk the earth, the Horsemen's price is high and their bloodthirst knows no limits. Donovan Braddock, the Horseman of Death, has grown weary of being a death merchant, and desires to leave the team when he falls in love and starts a family. However, the Horsemen don't take kindly to defection from their ranks, and the only retirement plan they will accept comes complete with bronze caskets for Braddock and his new family.

Assassin & Son also has representation in the film industry via Blackline Comics and Anarchy Literary Management. To Help Kick Start Assassin & Son an original graphic novel go to http://kck.st/lOnSBn . Copani and Gaspard are asking fans to pledge $2 to $5 to help their publisher complete their book

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