Brian Michael Bendis Touches On POWERS Status

Brian Michael Bendis Touches On POWERS Status

The writer and creator of Powers talks about the progress of the pilot and how it's shaping up. He specifically says that test audiences are overwhelming positive of Jason Patric in the lead role.

Writer and creator of Powers, Brian Michael Bendis, he spoke with Comic Book Resources about the comic coming back from a nearly year-long hiatus this February with issue #8 as well as the status of the pilot with FX. Also, get a first look at some of the new artwork for Powers,

The good news was that the pilot was put together. I've seen it and it's not embarrassing on any level. It's very interesting, dense, and complicated like every FX show is. We were tested and the things that you need to continue forward we tested very well with. People liked our lead Jason Patric and the idea of the show. They said they would watch the show. So all of these things did very well. If those things didn't do well we would have been dead. There were a couple areas that we needed to clarify for a mass audience, but they were very easy fixes. We also came up with an idea for an opening that we liked better than what we had.

Bendis talks about how network president John Landgraf is very invested in the project and is spending a lot of time with the show.

So that's where we are now. The important stuff worked. There are rewrites happening as we speak and I talk with the other producers all the time. Just last night me and Chic Eglee, our show runner, had a wonderful conversation about Powers involving things we can do right now and in the future

Bendis finishes his discussion of the show by stating what he would do if it did not make the cut for FX

There's nothing I can say or do to get it on the air except help make a quality show. If it doesn't go on the air then I will show it after Locke & Key at conventions and smile and wave. So I'm hopeful and very proud of my collaborators. And in the back of issue #8 I talk about spending time on set with Mike Oeming watching this happen. It was a really special experience.

With all the time and effort being put into the show, it looks like we may be very close to Powers on FX. What are your thoughts? Sound off below!
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