Disappointing News for Fans of PRIEST

Disappointing News for Fans of PRIEST

Disappointing News for Fans of PRIEST

They are going to screw the priest's main plot.

As i was going through browsing for Priest's comics on the web and about the movie, i found this Article on wikipedia saying that it will not stick to its main plot, which is a big dissapoint to the priest fans and for the people who wants a real solid clean sheet story on the priest. It is same as the Story of the LEGION which i have uploaded a trailer, but the only difference there are many other things than Angels.

So check it for youself here is the Link of Wikipedia

you have to scroll way down to read the movie description and plot.

And here is what was written in th wikipedia. For the ones who dont want to go to the link and read.

Movie adaptation

Priest was going into production as a movie by U.S. film studio Screen Gems. To be released in 2008, it was going to be produced by Sam Raimi, directed by Andrew Douglas, and would star Gerard Butler as the title character. However recent news has reported that both Butler and Raimi have dropped out of the project leaving the future of the film adaption of Priest unknown. Many fans of the manhwa are actually pleased about this, as the information released on the movie indicated that the story had been changed to a degree that it was unrecognizable, and had become more of a standard vampire hunter movie.[1]Many hope that it can now be resurrected but with a new script that actually makes some use of the original story ideas.

The film adaption has been slated to be restarted in 2009 based on an entirely different plot directed and written by Scott Charles Stewart. The film centres around a world where vampires and humans are at war. A priest, presumably Ivan Isaacs, goes against the church to track down a band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece. No fallen angels or zombies are mentioned which are central to the plot of the manhwa so it is looking disappointing to fans.

It was recently announced that the film has received an official release date of August 13, 2010.

Cam Gigandet, Paul Bettany, and Maggie Q are confirmed to star

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