MARVEL'S THE PUNISHER - 5 Awesome Storylines The DAREDEVIL Spinoff Needs To Adapt

MARVEL'S THE PUNISHER - 5 Awesome Storylines The DAREDEVIL Spinoff Needs To Adapt

Yesterday, it was finally confirmed that The Punisher is happening on Netflix. Here, we take a look at five incredible comic book storylines which absolutely need to be adapted in some form in season one...


We all knew it was coming, but The Punisher's very own solo series has finally been given the green light by Marvel and Netflix. Showing that they're committed to the ongoing adventures of Frank Castle, a showrunner has already been hired, and while we don't currently know when the series will hit the online streaming service, we probably won't have too long to see what's next for the vigilante. 

However, while season two of Daredevil may have dropped some hints about where exactly this series is going to go, which comic books should Marvel be looking to for inspiration? Well, just like that series has borrowed heavily from Frank Miller, there are a number of writers and artists who have left their own unique stamp on Frank Castle, and much of what they've done would be perfect for TV. 

So, with all of that in mind, what you'll find here is a list of the five stories which The Punisher definitely needs to borow from when it finally reaches Netflix. Direct adaptations are no doubt unlikely, but all of these have certain elements which would be well suited to the dark and gritty world we know Jon Berntha's Frank Castle is part of. Whether we're talking storylines or characters, these are essential. 

5. The Slavers


When his usual nightly activities of killing bad guys leads Frank Castle to meet a woman who claims the men he just killed played a role in murdering her baby, the vigilante listens to her story and uncovers a nightmarish slavery ring which exists within the bowels of New York City. Livid at the idea that there are men forcing young women into prostitution, The Punisher cuts a bloody trail taking these men out in gloriously violent ways, and it's impossible not to get some satisfaction from seeing those bastards get what's coming to them.

While this isn't a storyline which could necessarily sustain an entire thirteen episodes, it would make for a great subplot or an adventure for Frank to tackle over a couple of instalments. To get the audience to root for the character, they need to see him killing the worst of the worst and those who truly deserve it, and tackling a subject as dark as this would definitely be fitting.

4. Welcome Back, Frank


If you're looking for a season long big bad, Ma Gnucci definitely fits the bill. After he killed two of her sons, the leader of this crime family goes to war with Frank Castle, not giving up in her quest for vengeance even after the vigilante costs her her arms and legs. Making The Punisher the straight man in a world full of larger than life characters worked surprisingly well and likely would on TV too.

Garth Ennis' back to basics approach to The Punisher helped redefine the character back in 2000, and the same could very well be the case with a loose adaptation of this story for the small screen (the Thomas Jane movie already borrowed some elements which would be better off being dropped here). Lifting some of the comedic moments from this tale would be no bad thing - who doesn't want to see Jon Bernthal punch a polar bear? - and a female villain would be something new for these Netflix shows. 

3. In The Beginning 


We still don't know whether or not that "Micropchip" disc was simply a nod to that character for fans or an indication that he's an actual person out in the MCU somewhere, but if it's the latter option, this would be a good place for The Punisher to turn for inspiration. Revolving around a CIA officer who sets out to capture the vigilante, "In The Beginning" saw Frank's former partner Linus "Microchip" Lieberman sell him out so that government stooge can put him on a task force he's assembling to take out America's enemies.

Refusing to be used as a pawn, The Punisher was inadvertently released by some Mafiosos looking for revenge, and what follows is an all out war between the three factions. There's a lot here which would work on the small screen, and while some elements would likely have to be altered, Frank going up against the Mafia AND CIA would certainly make things interesting!

2. Born


Based on the way Frank's story arc in season two of Daredevil ended, his solo series is definitely going to delve into the vigilante's military past. Now, there are many different stories this show can borrow from, but "Born" is the only one which would be perfect, especially for flashbacks.

While the Vietnam setting would obviously need to be changed, exploring the effects being at war had on Frank would be an effective way of fleshing out his background and may go some way in explaining that his family's murder was simply the straw which broke the camel's back when it comes to his damaged psyche. Mixing in that whole conspiracy storyline with the serious subjects "Born" tackled would also work well, especially if Frank really was up to something shady in Kandahar as some have theorised. Humanising him would also help redeem whatever questionable actions he may have committed.

1. The Omega Effect


Those of you who have read "The Omega Effect" will no doubt be aware that it also includes Daredevil and Spider-Man, and while it's entirely possible that The Man Without Fear could show up in this series, I think the wall-crawler being thrown into the mix is off the cards. However, there's one very specific part of this story by Greg Rucka which needs to be included in Frank Castle's series, and that's Rachel Cole-Alves.

Moments after getting married, her new husband and entire family were killed in a hail of bullets, something which led to this former Marine also embarking on a quest for vengeance. Eventually, she met up with The Punisher, and what followed was a very interesting partnership which would be fascinating to see on the small screen. A strong female lead is exactly what a series like this needs, and it's hard to think of anyone from Frank's world better suited to joining him here than Rachel. 

Tell us, which of these stories would you most like to see adapted in some form in The Punisher? Are there any other great ones we've missed? As always, share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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