Punisher Films: What Should Happen

Punisher Films: What Should Happen

I was watching movies earlier today and noticed something, the only good Punisher movie didn't have any studios attached.

I'm a huge fan of The Punisher, and don't let the teaser fool you I can find enjoyment in each one of his movies, though I do recognize the flaws in each one. The problems with the Dolph Lundgren one was it being so unfaithful and dull. The ones with the Jane one I feel are limited not to say they are non existent but I enjoy this one much more than the following. Oh here we go the Ray Stevenson one was just a brutal gore fest with no substance what so ever. I do realize some people like War Zone and I have no problem I say live and let live.

I also started watching punisher fan films and liked them far more than the movies. Recently Thomas Jane made a Punisher fanfilm that was awesome. Everything about it was great, except for the guy who played the thug he was way too over the top, any way my point is Studios had no say in this what so ever that's probably what made it great. Another reason why it might have been great was that it was short. The Punisher is not the type of character that can flesh out an entire movie, that was proven in the past.

Now that the rights are with Marvel they are going to do a Punisher film soon. I hope this doesn't happen, I think that they should do a series of One Shot's like they did on the Thor DVD with Agent Coulson. They could play them in front of the movies at the theartre and then release them with the DVD. This way it'll be possible to include him in team up movies like if they do the Civil War story line.

Wow I really thought I had more to say on this, anyway there's my thoughts. Let me know what you think.

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