Punisher REBOOT delivers.

This ain't your Thomas Jane Punisher...and I LIKE IT!!

The movie is good. Not blow my doors off holy crap that was the best adaptation of a comic book i have ever seen...but good. I am a long time Punisher fan. And believe it or not, Frank had a history prior to the Ennis MAX series. It's a simple story, The Punisher shoots and kills criminals because somebody shot and killed his family. I paid my $10 to see The Punisher shoot and kill criminals. And boy sis he ever shoot and kill criminals in the film. I was never bored. I didnt want it to end. And i found myslef giggling and laughing (with the rest of the fanboys in the theater)as he hacked, slashed, snapped, shot, and shoved chairs through peoples heads. Let's face it fellas, Hollywood will never make a comic book movie that satisfies every fanboy on the planet. They can however, find the right people to take a script, research the character, and fight the big corporate suits that want to destroy these films with excessive amount of cheese. Lexi did just that. Yes, there was some crappy acting. Yes, there was some useless, underdeveloped charcters. Yes, there was some questionaable casting. But for the most part, it was the Punisher blood bath that i was looking for. The environment had Mike Zeck classic Punisher images flashing thru my mind the whole time. Soap was great. Stevenson was great. He embodies the Punisher that i remeber. The 80s Punisher movie sucked. The Thomas Jane Punisher movie sucked (yea i said it...it sucked). This reboot of the character didnt waste my time boring me with the backstory or origin of eveyone in the movie. The film delivered what this character has been about since day 1. Killing the guilty...driven by vengence. Frank has been doing that since day one. Again, stop woth the Ennis MAX series comparisons. We all knew going into this that it was NOT A SEQUEL. ment on all you guys. Castle had a life and story prior to that version. He's not a real complex charatcher. He's a big, bad, mean mofo that kills people...and that is what he did in this flick. It ain't perfect...bad it was a good ride.
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