The Punisher movie bites. I prefer Dolph's film to this piece of #%$!

It was garbage. Gore fest meets B actors everywhere.

They could have just had Steven Seagal in the movie to save the theatre releasing it and have it go str8 to dvd. This franchise died after Thomas Jane walked following the script read. Good on him for having the integrity to walk away.

What can you say about Lexi Alexander. i guess she is the reason so few women direct movies, and a better reason to never allow her to direct again. She may have been compensating for not being a man with so much senseless gore. Heads explode everywhere, total crap.

The one positive is it makes you appreciate the brilliance and importance of a director like Chris Nolan or Bryan Singer for XMEN. The feel, direction, and writing is what made those movies brilliant. The comic and character can only take you so far Lexi (with a throw out to Joel Schumacher as well).
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