Ray Stevenson Has Met With Marvel About Returning As The Punisher

Ray Stevenson Has Met With Marvel About Returning As The Punisher

Ray Stevenson Has Met With Marvel About Returning As <i>The Punisher</i>

The former Punisher talks about a possible return to the world of Frank Castle, this time under Marvel. He also speaks about fat-suiting up as Volstagg in Marvel's Thor

Lets not beat around the bush here, Punisher: Warzone was crap. But Ray Stevenson was not. He played the man just fine, he just needed much better material to work with imo. Well, he might just get that chance as The Playlist sat down for a chat with him about his current project Kill The Irishman(Oi!)

From The Playlist..

Regarding discussions with Marvel over the fate of Frank Castle, Stevenson said, “We have talked a bit. We have met about it. I would love to do it. We can definitely bring back Frank to the screen.” He warned that such negotiations may be premature, considering the shifting rights of the character. “I think they’ve just got the property back, it was with Lionsgate.”

Punisher rights back with Marvel. But would you like to see Stevenson play the role again or a completely new take, severing all ties to the previous films? Marvel have not(as yet) indicated that they would be brining Frank castle to the big screen again, but they have said that a tv show may be in the works. Could that be what Stevenson had his meetings about? Anyway, as I'm sure you know Stevenson will be playing another Marvel character as he appear as one of The Warriors Three, Volstagg, in Thor this Summer. Will we see the character on screen post Thor?

“I’ve got a three picture deal. My agent said, people won’t recognize you. And I said, I don’t give a damn! Who else is gonna give me a chance to put a big fatsuit on and ham it up? And I said to Ken Branagh, I was nervous, and he said, you can’t be too loud! So I said fine, I’ll dip my toe into the river of ham. And he said, trust me, I’ve swam in that river many times. You enjoy that!”

Stevenson also talks a little about playing Porthos in Paul Anderson's new take on The Three Musketeers so click on the link below to check it out.

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