SDCC '12: Thomas Jane On His Love For THE PUNISHER

SDCC '12: Thomas Jane On His Love For THE PUNISHER

The actor, who played Frank Castle in the 2004 Punisher film, discusses his love for the character and whether or not he'd like to star in a possible film adaptation of the Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe one-shot.

In an interview with Bloody-Disgusting conducted while promoting his new graphic novel Bad Planet at San Diego Comic-Con, Thomas Jane - who played the title role in the 2004 adaptation of The Punisher - looks back on his love for the Marvel Comics character, as well as other fans. "We want to show our love for the character, really, and also the fans that love the character. Not only am I in love for the character, I also have a soft spot for the guys who love the character. You know, there were Punisher fans way before I knew who The Punisher was. There’s a certain kind of Punisher fan that I really love."

Bloody-Disgusting also asks, with Marvel's The Avengers being so successful, if Jane would be interested in reprising his role as The Punisher in a film adaptation of the one-shot comic book Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe (published in late 1995). "That would be fun ... that would be awesome. I love that idea."

In the one-shot (written by Garth Ennis), Frank Castle decides to kill every superhero and supervillain in the Marvel Universe, before finally committing suicide. With The Punisher's film rights back at Marvel, it's not impossible that a film adaptation of the story could get off the ground. (Though I don't see Marvel Studios planning to make such a film any time soon; Plus, a full on adaptation isn't entirely possible, as Marvel doesn't own the film rights to characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men or Fantastic Four.)

Still, I would love to see Thomas Jane play The Punisher once more. The 2004 film wasn't bad, but was rather underwhelming. Jane was easily the best thing about the movie. Whenever Marvel decides to bring Frank Castle back to the big screen, they should definitely give Jane a call to see if he would reprise the role. But do you think that Jane should play Franke Castle again, or should someone else have a turn at donning the Punisher skull?

For Bloody-Disgusting's full interview with Jane (as well as Tim Bradstreet, who worked on the Bad Planet graphic novel with him), click the link below.

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