Superman Hopeful Joe Manganiello Wants to Play the The Punisher Frank Castle

Superman Hopeful Joe Manganiello Wants to Play the <i>The Punisher</i> Frank Castle

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the actor in HBO's True Blood expresses a desire to play Marvel's vigilante, and names the perfect director to helm the project.

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On Hollywood's Recent Leading Men
"We took this turn in cinema where leading men got soft. When I was growing up, it was Clint Eastwood, it was Harrison Ford and Steve McQueen--these guys were tough. They were leading men, but they were also tough an physical. Somehow we got away from that, and it was like these two things needed to be separated, but I don't think it does."

Superhero he would most like to play, since missing out on Superman
"I'd love to do a version of 'The Punisher,' but it would have to be directed by Michael Mann. Like a hardcore, rated-R version of 'The Punisher.'"

Due to scheduling conflicts with True Blood Joe couldn't finish his audition for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. We heard in previous interviews that the actor was quite upset on missing out on such a choice part. And as much as it was a missed opportunity for Joe, in my opinion it was a miss for the audience. Anyone who has seen HBO's hit vampire show will tell you that Joe owns scene after scene, adding a much needed shot of testosterone to a show that features a lot of effeminate male leads.

I think he would've made an excellent Superman. That is no knock on Henry Cavill who won the part. I think Henry will be great as well, and believe the producers finally had more then one actor who could've suit up in the blue and red, well maybe not so red now, lol.

As for The Punisher, I don't think the last two films that have come out with Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson have come close to the quality Punisher fans expect. I agree with Joe that a Michael Mann version would be outstanding with Joe in the lead. The glimpse of Joe being raw and savage on his TV show have been brilliant and if he could translate that passion we'll finally get the Frank Castle we deserve. And if Michael Mann can channel his Heat and Collateral intensity we would be in for an epic film.

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