Will Thomas Jane Make Any More PUNISHER Short Films?

Will Thomas Jane Make Any More PUNISHER Short Films?

Earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con Thomas Jane surprised everyone with a new Punisher short film, "Dirty Laundry." But will that be the last time we see Jane as Frank Castle? Come find out!

In a recent interview with the website, Nerd Bastard, Thomas Jane was asked if he has any plans to make more Punisher short films.

Jane: Well as far as The Punisher goes I kinda said what I wanted to say with the short film and it was the version of Frank Castle that I always wanted to see and it was very gratifying to finally put it out there. Phil Joanou — a great director — and Chad St.John — a fantastic writer — and we just kind of got a dream team of guys to put that together and I would love to see the three of us do a Punisher film, but I don’t know if that would ever happen. I don’t know, again it’s like the studio seems sorta bent on making a two hundred million dollar version of a comic book movie. So yeah, I think the fans are kind of missing out.

Jane also was asked if he thought it was harder to make comic book movies that have more of an adult bent since Hollywood generally views the genre as big budget productions.

Jane: That’s just the way the business is turning these days, these movies have to be more and more expensive and they have to hit a broader and broader audience, but like Road to Perdition, which came out probably ten years ago, that was a great comic book film, its probably my favorite comic book film and I was hoping to see more movies based on you know, sort of more literate comic books or stuff that wasn’t super heroes. But, [with] movies in general they’re making less of the of the sort of lower budget films and it seems to be more of the bigger budget movies across the board. And I would love to see more comic book films that were adaptations to film that were not super hero oriented.


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