First Look At Brian Cox In Red

First Look At Brian Cox In Red

First Look At Brian Cox In <em>Red</em>

And even more of the Red stuff! Warren Ellis has posted the first glimpse of Brian Cox's character in the upcoming adaptation of his comic series..

Writer Warren Ellis has posted the first image of veteran actor Brian Cox as Ivan Simanov on his blog.

Ellis writes..

Brian Cox. I got to see footage from his first scene with Mr Willis in Toronto. They just locked a camera off on him and he did about five minutes of dialogue in a single take. This still seems to sum it up nicely.

Of course, as with much of the film, his character didn’t exist in the book. But Ivan Simanov does tie into the book’s themes: retired and distrusted by those who came after, and very much both the threat and the wreckage of the 20th Century.

Anyway, I’m posting this because they haven’t really released any of Mr Cox’s work on the film yet. And also, you know, vodka + knife + possible Russian Mafiya smoking jacket = good times tonight.

So, "much of the film" will differ from the comic. Well, if the writer doesn't mind, why should the fans right? *ducks nerd rocks*. Ah no but seriously, I had to post this because Cox(or as my dad calls him, "that fella thats in everything") is awesome. I actually had no idea he was in this until now! I assume he'l be playing a villain along with Karl Urban's character.

Red is released on 22nd October and stars a whole load of other actors.

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