RED Sequel Gets Release Date And (Very) Brief Synopsis!

<i>RED</i> Sequel Gets Release Date And (Very) Brief Synopsis!

Summit Entertainment have released a very brief, and unrevealing, synopsis for the upcoming sequel of the 2010 movie which starred Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren as well as the release date! Hit the jump for details...

Summit Entertainment have issued the release dates for six of their upcoming movies today, and among them is the sequel to RED. While the brief synopsis tells us nothing we don't already know or could have figured out for ourselves, it looks like we now have yet another comic book movie to add to the already packed 2013.

RED 2 will be released on 8/2/13.

The sequel to the action-comedy hit RED, which reunites our team of retired CIA operatives as they use their old-school style to take on a new set of enemies all across Europe.

I didn't enjoy the first movie and would be perfectly happy if this wasn't being made. Of course, with the likes of Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and THOR 2 also being released, there's plenty other CBM's to keep anyone who isn't exactly desperate for this movie entertained!

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