POLL: Zoe Saldana vs. R.I.P.D. Girls: Marisa Miller, Mary-Louise Parker, & Stephanie Szostak

POLL: Zoe Saldana vs. R.I.P.D. Girls: Marisa Miller, Mary-Louise Parker, & Stephanie Szostak

Zoe Saldana expresses her love for Thundercats and her eagerness to play the role of Cheetara if there is a live action film of the franchise. Also Poll Results for the Amber Heard vs. Laurie Holden CBM Hotties article.

Who was your favorite Thundercat?

Oh my god! Cheetara!

So 'Thundercats' was your favorite cartoon?

Growing up, for action, it was definitely 'Thundercats,' 'Transformers,' and the 'Woody Woodpecker.' [laughs]

If a Thundercats movie ever does happen, are you playing Cheetara?

Oh my God, in a heartbeat. I think I would have to also be careful. If I start doing too many action movies, I don't want to just get in that place where, "Oh, then she can't do other roles," or anything like that. But I just love doing action films so much.

And that would be another role, like 'Avatar,' where you would be disguised.

Awesome! That way it wouldn't be about my face, more my performance or whatever I incorporate into the character.

So you liked that people were concentrating on the emotion you brought to a character that was partially CGI?

I thought it was a blessing. I feel like any actor would think that was a dream role. Where you get to pour your entire heart out into a character. And know that who you are as a person will not be a distraction to that at all. I felt so blessed.

Over the past few weeks casting news has been coming in about Ryan Reynolds next comic book related movie, R.I.P.D. This movie won't be short on hotties as they have accumulated some of the most beautiful actresses for this ghostly project.


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The WINNER is AMBER HEARD in a landslide!
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