José Padhila: ROBOCOP Will Be About "A Man Being Turned Into A Product By A Corporation"

José Padhila: ROBOCOP Will Be About "A Man Being Turned Into A Product By A Corporation"

While speaking to Bleeding Cool the director reveals that he most definitely taking cues from the original movie's social commentary/satirical slants and also gives us an idea what type of future the movie will be set in..

While speaking to Bleeding Cool about his Elite Squad movies Padhila also dropped a few more details about his planned remake of Paul Verhoven's Robocop, a movie steeped just as much in social commentary as it was action. He confirms that his version will follow a similar path by stating that it will be about a man being turned into a product by a corporation.. But he also gives some intriguing hints about the actual plot and what type of future we can expect to see Alex Murphy police..

Wars in the future are going to be fought with drones. We won’t send a plane with a pilot in, it will be drone. It’s getting that way now and ten years from now that’s how wars are going to be fought. But what if a drone goes wrong – who is to blame then? Do you blame the drone? And that problem asks if you can you consider a robot guilty of a crime. Or is it the corporation that made the robot that is guilty? How do you fight back against drones when you don’t have drones?

Padhila also says that the movie is “in soft prep” and he is “about to get on a plane and going to Los Angeles to start talking about casting.”. Michael Fassbender was rumored to be sought after for the role of Alex Murphy but Padhila seemed to debunk that. Of course that doesn't mean he definitely isn't a contender. More info and updates as ewe have em but for now how do you guys think this remake/reboot is shaping up? Do you like the idea of it at all?


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