Possible Concept Art for ROBOCOP Revealed?

Possible Concept Art for ROBOCOP Revealed?

Could this be our first look at what Robocop is going to look like in the 2013 release? Some intriguing concept art surfaced online which depicts a very futuristic cyborg Murphy.

UPDATE: An MGM rep has contacted CBM to clarify...
"MGM has no knowledge of Mike Jensen & he has never been hired by the studio or the production team to create any designs for the upcoming film, RoboCop. We would like to request that you correct the post."

Mike Jensen is a great concept artist who has recently done some designs for the upcoming Robocop flim. These pictures were posted on his official homepage but were removed very quickly for some reason. Thanks to www.robocoparchive.com, we might have our first look at our new Robocop. Check out the pictures below and sound off what you think!!

CBM Insert: We were previously told that the rebooted Robocop would differ from the original by showing his eye and the art below would contradict that assertion but this is only a single depiction of what is probably a vast array of concept art. The final version we see on film will likely be very different.

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