Disney Plans To Continue Making Movies Based On ALIEN, PLANET OF THE APES, And More

Disney Plans To Continue Making Movies Based On ALIEN, PLANET OF THE APES, And More

There's been a lot of Fox casualties in the merger with Disney, but the latter's presentation during CinemaCon last night saw studio bosses assure those in attendance that key franchises will live on...

During Disney's panel at CinemaCon last night, the studio confirmed plans to continue working on a number of Fox's franchises. It's said that the studio most definitely "intend to do our part and it is in that spirit that we will continue to create new stories."
The franchises named were Alien, Avatar, Kingsman, Maze Runner, and Planet of the Apes. They are the now Disney-owned studio's biggest gems and with Avatar already in theme parks, it makes sense to continue expanding the other movies whether they also become somewhere we can visit in places like Orlando and Hong Kong or not! 

Each of them has a great deal of potential on the big screen, and there's a chance many of them could be adapted into TV shows for the Disney+ streaming service. 

While the X-Men and Fantastic Four were key acquisitions in Disney's merger with Fox, there are a lot of franchises they can play with now and it will be great seeing all of these live on. As of right now, we don't know whether Disney plans on continuing with Fox's ideas for them or starting from scratch, but plans will no doubt start becoming clearer over the next year or two. 

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