Alien Prequel Delayed For A Second Time!

<i>Alien</i> Prequel Delayed For A Second Time!

It seems that once again trouble in the form of a delay in release has hit for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel...

Director Ridley Scott struck gold directing Oscar winning Sci-fi movie Alien starring Sigourney Weaver. Scott would be beat for the chance to direct the sequel Aliens by then unknown director James Cameron. Weaver would go on to star in two more films for the franchise after Aliens. The movies would later be crossed over with other popular Sci-fi series Predator. Now we have Scott back at the helm attempting to make a two part prequel to his 1979 classic.

After struggles to get the project moving from development hell and delays for release due to rating and budget trouble, news of hope came and seemed to be shining light down on the project so long left in the dark. With the search for a new leading lady to take over the franchise and FX supervisor Henry South confirming on his twitter that production design had started, hope was raised for fans. Now it seems hope is being temporary squashed again by form of another delay. For no known reason as of yet Fox Studios has pushed back the release 12 months, with part one of the prequel to hit theaters 2013 and its sequel in 2014.

It is still believed Noomi Rapace and Olivia Wilde are the two front runners for the starring role. Both have met with Fox and Ridley Scott before the first delay hit. Filming has no official start and both parts will be filmed back-to-back.
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