Xenomorphs Will Feature In Prometheus!

Xenomorphs <i>Will</i> Feature In Prometheus!

Following the news of Michael Fassbender joining the project, it's now been confirmed that Giger’s famous aliens will play a prominent role in the movie after all!

Recent comments had suggested the film would depart from the mythology of the Alien franchise - however, that's not the case! According to Sky insiders:

They’ve built the 'space jockey' cockpit at Pinewood as seen in the original Alien film, so it definitely takes place in the same world as Alien... Despite that press release that seemed to indicate there were no aliens in the movie, the familiar HR Giger-style aliens do appear. Big ones apparently.

In addition, they reveal where some of the movie will be shot:

Part of the film will be shot in Morocco. I've heard that some sort of archaeological dig where they discover alien DNA takes place there and that DNA gives them the coordinates for an alien world. I've also heard Morocco is being used for alien planet landscapes so I'm not sure if it's an archaeological dig on another planet.

Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott, hits theaters June 8th, 2012!
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