Avatar: A Less Than Ass-Kissing Review

<em>Avatar</em>: A Less Than Ass-Kissing Review

Changing the way films are made or just a visual feast?

I'm not going to give away too many spoilers, everyone seems to be well aware of what this movie is about and who's in it so I will not bore you with any of that. Let's get straight to the good stuff!

CGI: What can be said that hasn't already? It's beautiful, unlike movies like Episode 1 where you can tell an entire world was computer generated, however "Avatar" made me forget anything was generated and made the creators made this world exsist.

Acting: The acting was very good for the most part, though a little shy on Worthington's part, I didn't really feel the way he conveyed emotion, though Zoe Saldana did a fantastic job. She really sold her character and I hope to see her more in future films. Some of the characters felt too formula based which made me feel this movie could have had a little more work done to it, the Colonial, Selfridge, and Tsu'tey really stood out the most to me as the typical characters, but mind you this didn't really hurt the movie.

Cinematography: This was fantastic, the camera angles were unique and felt natural to whatever scene was being displayed whether it be full blown action or stationary moment. Michael Bay should definitely take note on how the action was filmed in this movie, you could actually tell what the hell was going on! I did have issues with the 3-D element though, it seemed distracting at times but in others it really enhanced the experience.

Music: The music did exactly what it was meant to do, and brought you into each scene without being over bearing. Though typical, with the bongos for the Na'vi people and electric guitars and solid orchestra for the human side.

Sound FX: Nothing was wrong in this department, they did a wonderful job depicting the different animals and weaponry used.

Plot: OK, so we all agree the plot was a little weak and inspired by movies such as "Dances With Wolves" but that did not bother my enjoyment of this movie. It was well done, and they kept it safe not thinking outside the box, I hope the sequel will push the envelope more in the story element.
Also, I felt the fact the Na'vi people could just happen to transfer minds from one body to another a little too coincidental so Worthington could be a full blown Na'vi.


This movie was fun and a visually stunning, though as noted before I'm on the fence about the introduction of the 3-D, a lot was going on and it felt like it was a little too much and took me out of the moment also, some scenes looked fuzzy but that might be because it was not IMAX. Cameron's claim this would change the way films would be made is a joke I'm afraid, though this would change the way we should expect CGI to be done, for the making of a film as a whole, I expected more after reading his claims.

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